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I wish stories like this were given as much attention as all the
scare-mongering stories that hit the media.  This story makes me feel a
little better about the future of our species.





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Paey given full pardon; Crist orders him freed today 

Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet voted unanimously to grant Paey a
full pardon Thursday morning for his 2004 conviction on drug trafficking and
possession charges.

Published September 20, 2007 
TALLAHASSEE -- Richard Paey is a chronic pain patient in year three of a
25-year mandatory-minimum sentence for trafficking in drugs -- his own pain

But his freedom is just hours away.

Gov. Charlie Crist and the Florida Cabinet voted unanimously to grant Paey a
full pardon Thursday morning for his 2004 conviction on drug trafficking and
possession charges. 

"We aim to right a wrong and exercise compassion and to do it with grace,"
the governor said. "Congratulations ... and I state he should be released

With that, Paey's wife Linda, their three children, a family friend and
attorney John Flannery II hugged and cried at the podium, the entire cabinet
meeting room erupting into applause at 9:40 a.m.

It was a stunning turn in the long saga of Paey, a 48-year-old Hudson man
who suffers debilitating pain from a 1985 car wreck, botched back surgery
and multiple sclerosis that has left him needing the use of a wheelchair in

He was first arrested in 1997 and convicted on the third try in 2004 of
possessing, trafficking and illegally obtaining the medication he needs for
the searing, fiery pain in his back and legs.

His supporters still contest every bit of the state's case and today, they
finally found sympathetic ears eager to help. His medical condition is real,
they told the cabinet, evidenced by the amoung of painkillers the Department
of Corrections itself now gives to Richard Paey every day. 

What makes Thursday's development all the more surprising was that the
Florida Parole Commission actually recommended against commuting Paey's
sentence to time served.

But then Crist allowed Flannery to speak for nearly 30 minutes -- much more
than the 5-minute limit. Then the governor allowed Linday Paey, their three
children and even a family friend to speak. 

After their emotional presentation, the first comments from the dias came
from the governor:

"I want to move that we grant a full pardon." All three cabinet members

The family had never hoped for a full pardon or even thought to ask. It was
just the start of a day of surprises for Linda Paey and her children. 

"I grabbed John's hand, we came into this so scared, trembling," she said.
"I was so fearful when I heard the parole commission did not support his

"It was a complete shock," she said of Crist's recommending a full pardon
and ordering her husband's release today. "I didn't know you could do that."

She didn't even know how she would get the news to her husband at Tomoka
Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach: "He'll be shocked. We're all

After the cameras left, tears quickly turned to laughter in the atrium
outside as the family spoke about having their father back in their lives. 

Flannery, the family and a state official huddled to discuss the logistics
of freeing Richard Paey and driving down to Daytona Beach to pick him up
today and take him home to Pasco County.

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