[Ibogaine] Lee suboxone

Sun Sep 23 18:16:00 EDT 2007

thanks tons!
id rather stay away from suboxone and not have to step down... Im going to put ibogiane into my body and get off the opiates, but the biggest part, is  I need to get over my childhood that I keep pretending didn't happen... as marc has been pointing out, my dad worked all the hours that I was home from school so he was gone all the time except for saturdays and sundays... he molested us kids when he was home and hated me especially... I keep thinking that it wasn't a big deal and I don't have to deal with it, but as marc has wrote about absent parents, ive realised how it hurt me as a child and how im keeping my defenses up still, even tho I don't have to... I thought my mom was normal, but im finding that I hate her more and more, ever single day as I remember telling her about my dad abusing my sister and my brothers said that they told her too... I said something to her a couple years ago, and she denied it... anyway.;.. I need to deal with all that and I think with some counceling,some ibo, and some love, that  I can deal with, and get on with my life, not having to feel like a lost little kid at 32.... anyway...........


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if someone you love is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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  >im starting to think, that's what I may do.... just reading on the list has 
  >gotten me to go look more into the suboxone, and its sounds just as scary 
  >as methadone... I wont do the methadone, so I may go back to the morphine, 
  >as I can get that about 100 times cheaper than the oxys..... im going to do 
  >a little more research and then decide... but so far, it sounds like doing 
  >the short acting opiates will make things much easier with less problems 
  >and depression......
  hey Lee, long time know speak. after my semi failed attempt at ibo (it got 
  me off methadone) i went 22mg of suboxone. for me, it is great. nothing like 
  methadone at all. kills the cravings and i dont feel like a zombie letting 
  time slide past as i did on done. it was a bit hard a first for me ive had 
  an anxiety problem my whole life and suffer from ptsd and suboxone does make 
  you very anxious for the first couple of weeks till you stablise. all that 
  aside, i had another reduction last week and im now down to 16mg. the 
  reductions are a lot easier than methadone reductions so you can take bigger 
  steps if you feel comfortable enough to do that.
  i hope all goes well, best wishesm chi x

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