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Hey right on Nathan.  Glad to hear it.  Just keep in mind that if the
thoughts of using ever do return, you may want to see what other "recovery"
elements you can introduce into your life.  You didn't go into detail about
your current life situation but I highly recommend instituting as many of
these things as possible into your life: exercise, healthy eating,
meditation, therapy (there are a million kinds), introspection, personal
accountability, and some form of spiritual devotion (which again there area
million kinds).  There are more things that could be on this list, but you
probably get the point.  I just know from my experience that while ibo will
get you clean, if nothing else changes, it is really easy to slip back into





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Good to see the list up and running well. Just dropping in to say it's been
over 3 months since my ibogain detox and all is well. Back at work full
time. NO CRAVINGS. It has been quite remarkable. I would normally by now
have been exhibiting drug seeking behaviour and would would definatley have
had the odd sneaky by now. My whole outlook has changed and I can see
clearly now a life with out opiates of any kind a very real outlook from
here on in. Thanks to the list for all the advice leading up to june 22. All
is well and family life is almost back to as normal as it could be.  Nathan

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