[Ibogaine] The War on Consciousness , Marc Emery

Nyc W. Alberts digitalcomponents at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 09:52:33 EDT 2007

Douglas Fraser wrote:
> has anyone done any studies or thought about how provider / patient 
> personality types or how the personal issues of both enmesh have an 
> effect on the success of the treatment?  
start here:

I like this guy a whole lot better than Berne though:

> also, would people please trim their messages of useless crap at the 
> end?  there's only so much disk space in the archives....
Well, I think part of the point of the upgrade that took mindvox 
off-line, if I'm reading Patrick right, was the accordian-like expansion 
of archives. :-)   

But yeah, I hear ya, dawg, who wants to have to wade through all that 
> doug

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