[Ibogaine] The War on Consciousness , Marc Emery

Douglas Fraser doug_fraser at microcinema.com
Sun Sep 23 09:01:04 EDT 2007

Given my impression of Marc, I would say he thinks addicts are all 
missing father figures because it's those who have that issue that 
gravitate towards him - that is the role he obviously wants to play. 
For those of us who aren't buying it...  like the DEA...

I can certainly see how an addiction with something so biologically 
powerful as opiates could develop in the absence of family / 
developmental issues.   Alcohol, on the other hand, is different - I 
can't see how an addiction would develop minus any family / emotional 

has anyone done any studies or thought about how provider / patient 
personality types or how the personal issues of both enmesh have an 
effect on the success of the treatment?   we are dealing with a 
psychedelic here - you can't reduce ibogaine down to its biological 
action (as much as the scientists would love to, but they don't know squat)

towards that end....  my personality meshed with Sara's quite well. 
Marc, OTOH, would have pissed me off greatly

also, would people please trim their messages of useless crap at the 
end?  there's only so much disk space in the archives....


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