[Ibogaine] Addiction is all Daddy issues

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Sun Sep 23 06:14:59 EDT 2007

make that two marc, my parents have been happily married for 42yrs

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>Subject: [Ibogaine] Addiction is all Daddy issues
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>I have heard that assertion made, although only occasionally, that children 
>from two perfectly wonderful parents who were at home and re-affirming 
>their love regularly, get addicted to hard drugs and lead lives of 
>desperate self-destruction, but I never met any addicts where that was 
>true. All of them were from environments where the father was dead, they 
>were adopted, the father was in jail, in the military, in the diplomatic 
>service, in the armerd forces,  mostly divorced and long gone, grew up in a 
>foster homes, father never home, etc. 
>I tended to see the more desperate individuals but from many interviews 
>since then I have yet to see, say, more than one person who claims they 
>came from a fine close family of two loving parents who was addicted to 
>hard drugs or booze. 
>Marc Emery

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