[Ibogaine] Q for Marc- Iboga Therapy House

Marc Emery Marc420Emery at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 22 20:01:20 EDT 2007

I certainly gave Sandra my best wishes and use of the name, no problem, she knows her stuff.

I wish they would acknowledge me on there website as my $250,000 launched that project and paid for everything from 2002 - 2004. MAPS however, probably can't be associated with a #1 drug trafficking kingpin, as the DEA calls me, and so they have deleted me from their history, although Sandra learned all her practical experience with me. And the name was mine, and the impetus. My son and an employee were heroin addicts and I sent the employee to Sara in Amsterdam in 1999 and afterward did lots of research and then began Iboga therapy House in Sept. 2002. We processed a patient, sometimes two or three, each week so if someone stayed too long, as the methadone people did, we often had a staff of three treating two patients simultaneously. You can still see the CBC News 12 minute piece on IbogaTherapy House on POT.TV somewhere. That patient was a mother of three from Ohio who used methadone.

Marc Emery

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Subject: [Ibogaine] Q for Marc-  Iboga Therapy House
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> I know the peeps from iboga therapy house have posted here many times,
> Sandra in particular but can I ask what exactly happened Marc? 
> Did they
> just take the whole thing after your arrest? 
> MAPS promotes iboga therapy house constantly but I've never seen 
> even a
> one word thanks to or mention of your name Marc. 
> http://www.ibogatherapyhouse.net mentions you nowhere. Seems kindof
> lame not even acknowledge who started it and what their real history
> is, no matter what differences peeps may have.
> Patrick it would be awesome if all of you put the whole list archives
> online, it has years of this stuff and thousands of messages 
> about what
> the real history of everything is without the whitewashing.
> .:vector:.
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