[Ibogaine] Ilah Passed @ 2PM...

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Sep 22 17:51:59 EDT 2007

Go to http://www.cures-not-wars.org/ibogaine/iboga.html and read the  
stuff about Bruce Brown and Pope Mickey. It's in the first chapters.  
Alex Carolle says Bruce Brown gave AIDS to 500 people. All the acid  
dealers who became junkies while Ralph was in jail (to give him  
credit, he was really anti-junk, even though coked-out-of-his-mind).  
And all the kids from Washington Square we started the ibogaine  
project to "save"--like Peyote Mark, who's in the '93 ABC Day ONE  
segment. He's still alive, I guess because he never shared a needle  
with Bruce. The others are long-gone now.

I figure Bruce got it from Diane with the dogs (Great Danes they were).

I think whoever did it to Ilah was just jealous, or had an attitude  
about sex-workers, or both. She used to shoot up after first taking a  
hot shower, and while she was in the shower, this jerk used her  
works, and didn't tell her until she came out in a towel and shot up.

That was before needle exchange.


On Sep 22, 2007, at 5:33 PM, simon loxton wrote:

> Jeeze man, who were these people who were infecting people with  
> AIDS deliberately? It sound terrible to hear it from a direct  
> source as I have heard about people in south Africa doing this but  
> just because they did not care and wanted to have as many lovers as  
> they could before they got too sick. I thinks its a terrible thing  
> to do and it should be classed as murder if you knowingly have AIDS  
> and dont tell people who you are having unprotected (or even  
> protected) sex with.
> I am really sorry to hear this and for your loss. My condolence's.

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