[Ibogaine] Ilah Passed @ 2PM...

Dana Beal dana at phantom.com
Sat Sep 22 16:58:06 EDT 2007

...roughly. I got to hospital about 3:30. Since the body had  
jaundice, it looked like she'd been dead a lot longer. Howard is  
arranging the funeral in Staten Island... I'll let you know details.  
She is significant because she's one of the first to be treated with  
ibo-- for coke-- after ibo use resumed again in the '80's. It was  
later when she was living with anarchists who were kind of into  
heroin chic --or at least the equivalency of heroin with weed-- that  
she got into smack. They were perfectly content to live on her income  
from turning tricks (she was always a sex worker, but not street-- 
very highly paid) and one of them whose name eludes me right now  
drove her so crazy that she jumped out a 3rd story window in S.F. and  
busted both her knees. So she had aluminum or titanium in her legs.

She still looked really great when I pushed her in a wheelchair from  
Boston to NYC in a protest for medical marijuana & ibogaine access in  
'97. She's been in and out of the hospital for past couple years,  
though. I would still see her because she cleaned house for Sisko  
once a week until she went into the hospital. At the beginning of the  
summer I saw her and she still looked pretty good, and I told her how  
sorry I was that I let the anarchists take her away from Dennis  
Peron's house during the DEMCON in '84 instead of taking her back to  
New York myself. She came by the cafe at the beginning of August and  
I was shocked to see how she's aged. But when I saw her last weekend  
she told me how happy she was that I'd told her that.

I blame Ralph who married her in early '81 and jealously had a bomb  
placed in front of 9 Bleecker st on St. Paddy's day of that year,  
which went off and injured a cop. (He was seriously coked out). Ralph  
had been a hero to us because he was in the Brotherhood, and dodged  
the feds for 11 years on a multi-million tab acid conspiracy. The  
main fallout from the bombing was that he was caught and did 4 1/2  
years, even though the actual bombing case is still an open case. For  
many years I thought it was another guy, who was caught with an  
actual bomb factory in '95; but Ilah convinced me otherwise. It  
didn't matter. Both Hank the crank (see Ibogaine story) and Ralph's  
scene at Sunset Studios (where Johnny Thunders and Annie Liebowitz  
used to sit on the couch doing smack) were connected to the Mudd Club/ 
Soho News/heroin chic nexus.

Everybody got AIDS. Especially if they hung out with Bruce Brown.  
Walking back from the hospital I ran into Alex Carrolle of the AIDS  
Brigade and we talked about people who deliberately give other people  
the virus so they can take as many people with them as they are able.  
Which is what happened to Ilah. It's just that the retro-virals keep  
people alive for 20 years, so it took a long time.

I sure would like to legalize ibo for treatment of hep C, though. Hep  
C was what gave her liver cancer.


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