[Ibogaine] suboxone

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 22 15:28:49 EDT 2007

I will see if I can get you in touch with some one. I know one friend of mine in England had an implant removed because of the severe depression. I cant say that it is some thing I have allot of information on but I am sure if you google it and make some enquiries you would probably have access to more information. I will see if I can get back to you on that one. I will ask my wife as it is more common in England than in South Africa, then let you know.

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REALLY,WOW. if someone is prone to depression then maybe this may bring it out.can you expand on what your friends said?im worried about my friend,and her doctor is very cynical and thinks my friend just wants to get high.but this is bigger then just wanting klonapins or something.can i get in touch with your friends?anyone else know of any corelation between suboxone and depression.?dr ken,where are you?   adam

simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
I have heard about people becoming suicidal and heavily depressed. This is just from people that were on it themselves. I don't know how many were prone depression but is is a factor for sure.

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changing the subject,i have a question if any one can help me out;it concernes suboxone(bupe+naltrexone)someone near and dear to me has been on this medication with good results for several months now.said person got on suboxone because of frequent relaspes,despite several iboga treatments over the years.with suboxone the relaspes have stopped,said person is following the instructions,not doing the 48 hr thing in order to use,so that much is going well.however,my friend has had depression and anxiety issues in the past which have come back hard .im wondering if anyone knows anything about depression,and suboxone.ive heard strange tales about mental things happening after getting off suboxone,but what about durring treatment?  adam

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