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And how long between your last dose of methadone and your dose of ibogaine Matt? This just confirms that you can use a single dose regimen for methadone though some argue that it should be done over 3 days some say to a week. I prefer a single dose and a booster if needed. This is just me though I am not saying there is only one way or one is wrong and one is right. The outcome is the most important and for me that the patient is as comfortable as possible and knows what is happening all the time and that they receive explanations for what is being done. This is just me as I said.

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I came off of 74mg/day methadone with a single hcl dose of about 22-23 mg/kg.  I had no boosters and it was not very uncomfortable (in terms of withdrawal anyway).  That was over 4 years ago and I have never looked back.  Just my experience though, everyone’s a little different.

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I recently viewed this documentary & found it very compelling as I'm attempting to overcome the various difficulties (mainly $$) to get free from 'evildone'. Firstly does anyone know if this doco' is available on-line. Second, I thought it relevant to the current discussion/argument(!?) as he was coming off methadone and appeared to be taking the bark powder, tester then initiatory dose, afterwards he worried it hadn't worked as he felt withdrawal. In the voice-over he said that the symptoms passed quite quickly (relatively) then it cuts to much later and he's fine and 'cured'. Yet from this mailing list I'm finding it quite difficult to see a consensus on dose/s or a clear picture of what to expect. I have people more knowledgeable than myself to help me do this, but as someone said earlier- it's important to know for yourself what you're doing and in for, or just to make such a big move in the first place. I'm sure if there are others in my position
 out there, this is the stuff they want to know & importantly, that they can trust.

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