[Ibogaine] Apologies for the " other conversation.."

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HI Catherine,
Absolutely, people should know about treatment providers who aren't giving adequate treatment.....but from what I can gather, this was a one off event from one person who sounds like they were in completely over their heads and totally freaked out......and hasn't gone there since? I don't know, I wasn't there......I just feel it's unfair to label the Iboga Therapy House as "Bad" because of this one off event......by the sounds the job they do is great.....
The role of the provider is an ever evolving one, learn learn learn.....you just never know how someone is going to react and what they might do after a treatment......it's scary ground and having experienced potential od after treating someone...........I take my hat off to anyone who genuinely wants to help people............
The need for preperation before and after ibo is so damn important it can't be said enough.  I know the difference between going thru a detox mentally prepared, and not......it's huge to say the least.
Once again, I appreciate your concern here.....but do you think it is still a concern in 2007?
Would be good to hear from others that have been thru Iboga Therapy House....

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Apologies to all who thought my posts about Marc Emery were in the wrong thread, too long, too many, too personnal or too boring.
Said what i wanted to say ..(beware!!) and now I will only post again if anyone answers my posts in a way that makes me feel I have to answer.. 
Otherwise I will go away and probably unsuscribe again in a week or two. 
If somebody left you in withdrawals wouldn't you want to say ? If someone who got treatment before you from a "less than satisfactory" provider don't you want to know?
I guess many don't feel the need to know.. I respect that but I don't really understand.
If anyone from the Iboga Therapy House is around I would be curious to read about them.
Ibogaine is an amazing medecine..  

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