[Ibogaine] Apologies for the " other conversation.."

John Schwarzkopf jmcreature at telus.net
Sat Sep 22 03:32:32 EDT 2007

Apologies to all who thought my posts about Marc Emery were in the wrong thread, too long, too many, too personnal or too boring.

Said what i wanted to say ..(beware!!) and now I will only post again if anyone answers my posts in a way that makes me feel I have to answer.. 
Otherwise I will go away and probably unsuscribe again in a week or two. 

If somebody left you in withdrawals wouldn't you want to say ? If someone who got treatment before you from a "less than satisfactory" provider don't you want to know?
I guess many don't feel the need to know.. I respect that but I don't really understand.

If anyone from the Iboga Therapy House is around I would be curious to read about them.

Ibogaine is an amazing medecine..  

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