[Ibogaine] church of scientology vs. ibogaine

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Sat Sep 22 01:07:49 EDT 2007

You say they're anti-drug? Are they against natural herbs, as well---plants? Iboga is an herb. Or would they just consider it all 'a drug?'

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  im sorry.

  Kevin Brady <gomorrhan at hotmail.com> wrote:
    I am a former scientologist, was in the Church (as a Staff Member) from 1989-1990.  I was a trained scientology minister, and could answer any questions regarding it.  Scientology is quite out-of-the-box when it comes to political agendas.   They should be regarded as being entirely self-interested, as a group, so whatever policy helps them promote themselves or increase their own liberties while restricting those of their opponents (psychiatrists, psychologists, entheogens [which increase personal awareness without paying the Church of Scientology a huge fee!], social workers, etc.).
    Their public policy is anti-drug, of any kind, for any reason, at any time.  To take a medication, you would have to get a doctor's prescriptions, and an "okay" from your "c/s", which stands for case supervisor.  Everyone has a "case", in scientology, and this Case Supervisor is a minister of high standing whose job it is to determine if the medication will have more negative impact on your spiritual progress than lack of it would:  and no, he has no medical training.

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      Scientology is anything but liberal from what I've read.  They go about attacking people who talk against them and dig up dirt on them to discredit them. There was a documentary on about them and they were following the interviewer about, following them in cars and stuff,  trying to stop him form speaking to ex members who were talking about the brainwashing aspect of the cult. 


        Not really sure I get what they're thinking. Whatever all they may be, the church of scientology is not stupid. What a leftist liberal group which is usually perceived as being more then a little nuts, hopes to achieve by attacking a plant used to detox people which is already schedule 1 and mostly promoted by another group of leftist liberal nuts ;-) ..... 

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