[Ibogaine] The War on Consciousness , Marc Emery

Adam Nodelman jonathanswiftboat at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 20:48:58 EDT 2007

yeas,the worst part off it is that after shaking off your addictive instincts;not trusting anyone but your self to keep your self from getting sick..WHAM!! there you are,completely fucked.i know someone who had to try to cop in some completely different city(one not known particularly for its heroin availability)5 days after treatment,in methadone withdrawl,with no sleep.the person helping out at the treatment knew nothing about addiction,iboga,and was in general just some rainbow dude.but,this was a long time ago right? as i just stated,there is a steep learning curve;when i first gave someone iboga for methadone many years ago,i did not know either.perhaps it counts for something that we didnt bail on people,or farm out treatments to others.not that we even had it like that.but is there not a complaint line off sorts that i think howard runs?.  adam
John Schwarzkopf <jmcreature at telus.net> wrote:       Hey Adam!!
 thanks for your post.
 I feel that someone heard me!!
 I don't think they wanted to do a second treatment  . I think it was part ignorance and part time constraint.
 Didn't know much about boosters. didn't want  to spend the time.  
 Hell, even a bit of greed.. They didn't want to  supply the extra ibogaine.
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unreal.im really sorry you had to deal with that.it blows my    mind.while im not so sure that this utter lack of ethics and responsibility    was contrived to set up a 2nd treatment(that would be pure evil)this to me at    least sounds like what used to happen with 1 or more treatment providers that    shall remain nameless.someone provided the iboga,took the $$  but when it    was treatment time,was no where to be found.instead producing someone as a    treatment provider who obviously had no or very little understanding    concerning addiction,or iboga.it boils the blood.im betting that no one was    told about the complications involving methadone(xtra boosters)this to me is    my main concern with iboga treatments in this day and age;that the treatment    provider takes moral and ethical responsibility for their treatment.that being    said,this is one side of the story and mark has the right to respond.but i    know of situations in the past(not with mark)where
 patients were given false    info,paid alot of $ and were  left slowly twisting in the ill winds of    mehadone withdrawl.to me thats worse then the most evil 12 step,anti-drug    zealot.one should be very careful,kara wise- if one where to misuse the plant    in this way.not cool at all.   adam

John Schwarzkopf    <jmcreature at telus.net> wrote:   
The      temptation has grown since I got back on the list somehow?? and got to      
read the post from and about Marc Emery..

I wanted to say BEWARE      OF MARC EMERY!!

Marc recommended a woman to treat John (who had been      on Methadone for 5 
Marc attended one of the      pre-treatment meeting with us and he took Linette 
to our home the      night
of the treatment and collected the second half of the      payment.

(At some point between the pre-treatment meeting and the      treatment Linette 
called us and said something like "John is gonna die!      John is gonna die! I 
can't do this treatment!!
I don't want to go to      jail!! My family don't have money to bail me out!My 
family can't afford      a good lawyer! John is gonna die !!" She was completely 
hysteric and      refused to give
us back the half of the payment we already given her (she      said she had 
spent some of the money on Indra which is kind of funny      since in the end we 
used HCL(which we trusted better      anyhow))).

The treatment went fine (Linette called Marc every      hour to report on what 
was happening) and Linette asked to go home early      after 24 hours( if I 
remember well)
because she was coming up with a      cold.
I gave her a ride home. and thanked her.. I was so happy..though we      had paid 
her (or someone.. she told us that Marc and the Iboga house      were getting 
some $$ and Marc told us that
he was not taking any of      the cash, just holding it for Linette) , I was 
thinking of buying her a      present for her help!!

I think it was the next day that John      started to have withdrawals.. at first 
I thought it was in his head. but      after a while I could see physical 
symptoms he couldn't have      faked.

I called Linette and she told me that John was not having      withdrawals. and 
that she was going out for dinner with her family who      was visiting from 
Also contacted Marc Emery.. couldn't      help.

I was very lucky that Eric Taub explained to me (on the phone)      what was 
happening and recommended booster doses.

Called Linette      again. She was too busy. Didn't believe we needed the 
boosters. Agreed      to give us some Indra .. enough for one booster.. in 2 or 3      

That's when we dug out a HCL stash John had had for years.      bought it from 
someone.. didn't know if it was what it was supposed to      be. didn't know if 
it had lost potency.
but that was all we had. And      NO SCALE!! as i tried to figure who I could 
call to go get me a scale      and bring it over.. John decided to just guess and 
helped himself to a      booster dose.

It worked. John had to take a few booster doses but it      worked. And Linette 
was mad that John took booster doses, she said it      messed with her data!!

If we hadn't had that stash John would have      had to either do dope or 
methadone ?? and what are the dangers of      that???
How long after Ibogaine is it safe to take anything??

Marc      Emery and his friend put us in a situation way worse that where we had      
been in the first place.

My idea is that they didn't know about      booster doses . Didn't know that 
methadone users are more likely to      require them.

Other people said that John's treatment was a set up      and that he was 
supposed to relapse. (That Marc's crew knew full well he      would need 
I have to attribute this to paranoia.
Or is      it a possibility?

I think it would be very wrong for Canada to      extradite Marc Emery.
but I would feel way better knowing he wasn't      treating people with Ibogaine.

If you get treated by his crew for      Methadone I'd recommend having a stash 
of Ibogaine handy in case they      drop you half way.

Catherine Morency

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> If you have any interest whatsoever      regarding the negative impact of
> the War on Consciousness; I meant      to say DRUGS -- PLEASE take the
> time to check out the following      link, and take some sort of action.
>      http://www.cannabisculture.com/articles/4639.html
> Even if      you're broke, you can write a letter or make a phone call.
>      Amongst his other projects, Marc Emery is the founder of Iboga
>      Therapy House, and has devoted a tremendous amount of his time,
>      effort and cashflow, to helping drug-dependent individuals obtain
>      free access to ibogaine.
> His extradition hearing has been      scheduled to begin on November 5th,
> 2007.
> If you      support drug-reform, harm reduction, or basic human liberty
> and      freedom of choice, please take a few minutes and do whatever you
>      can.
> Thanks,
>      Patrick
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