[Ibogaine] The War on Consciousness , Marc Emery

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dana may have a point about the steep learning curve;you live,you learn,you get luvs.   adam

Dana Beal <dana at phantom.com> wrote: My point was not to belittle you, but to respond to the thread as a whole. Your initial post was kind of a non sequitur, in that you changed the subject from the ibogaine shortage to an inquest into Iboga house and the motivations of Marc Emery. There are many, many providers out there. More than I know of. Most are involved in a steep learning curve. This list helps disseminate information such as step-dosing, adequate hydration and proper pretreatment echo-cardiagram that MAPS and their coterie are not providing because they're a bunch of mdma docs.

Does Linnette still even work at Ibogatherapy house, BTW? I think the current Vancouver crew may in fact be over-reacting in the other direction-- not treating people who could be treated because they're being over-cautious. As for the death's door remark, the fact is that the lifetime mortality for opiate addicts is 50%. Sooner or later you overdose, contact HIV or hep C, do long periods in prison, or have some other horrible shit happen to you. 

Right now Howard is spending a lot of time seeing Ilah at Mt. Sinai, where she's dying of endstage liver cancer. Until recently, she felt pretty fortunate because NYC has a good welfare program for people with AIDS. She contracted hep C and HIV back in the '80's when some one used her needle without telling her. People on the list may remember her from the movie with George C. Scott where she played the 14 year old who runs away from home in Michigan  to become a sex worker in L.A. Or maybe it was Las Vegas.


On Sep 21, 2007, at 7:41 PM, John Schwarzkopf wrote:

 I'm glad to hear that the Iboga Therapy house is hard to get into.
 Seeing Marc discussing the price of Ibogaine got me a bit frightened.
 This was a terrifying experience and I simply hope that others don't have to go through the same thing.
 Someone posted this:
 "Amongst his other projects, Marc Emery is the founder of Iboga Therapy House, and has devoted a tremendous amount of his time,
 effort and cashflow, to helping drug-dependent individuals obtain free access to ibogaine."
 and I guess I had to comment on the time and effort I witnessed Marc put into the access to Ibogaine.
 Go ahead and support Marc Emery in his fight against extradition.. I am just truly afraid of him and/or his friends providing botched treatment.
 at http://pot.tv/archive/shows/pottvshowse-1977.html you can watch an interview where the interviewer ask Marc "Doesn't that worry you that someone could die?"
 and he answers "Oh,no! No! Cause these people might die anyway, they are hardcore drug users. I mean many of them are at Death's doorsteps when I meet them"
 and he does seem so unconcerned.He is all about the movement which is great. but has no consideration for the individual which sucks.
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    On Sep 21, 2007, at 5:46 PM, John Schwarzkopf wrote:

      I was with John, we live     together and the treatment took place in our home.
    That was a few years ago.. I had     unsubscribed to the list since then but now I am back on     it..
    and seeing the posts about Marc     Emery just made me want to say .. there's got to be a better option than     trust Marc Emery's people.


  Most people on this List are aware that Iboga Therapy House is too   difficult to get into, and maybe unduelly entangled with their  MAPS   sponsored longitudinal trial, but I don't see what your problems with Linnette   have to do with either our supporting Marc to keep him from winding up in a US   prison for the rest of his life, OR the price of ibogaine. 

  At the beginning of this thread, Marc correctly focused on the price of   ibogaine. As this treatment takes off, the junkies of the world are gonna   drain off ALL HCl, so there will be no more "psycho-spiritual" treatments for   psychedelic tourists UNLESS you go to Gabon. This is what I told NIDA in the   early '90's, when I predicted Ibogaine would become too expensive to be a   street drug-- so there was no point in keeping it illegal.

  The process Randy is referring to involves the synthesis of ibogaine or   18 MC from voacangine-- which IS cheap and plentiful. We're working on that,   among others. GMP grade ibogaine will be available for research and treatment   purposes when this synthesis is adapted for mass production.






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