[Ibogaine] Practicing Iboga Therapy in Canada

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Hi Matt,
The added effect would be from the other alkaloids in the root bark. During the Bwiti I attended we all took an amount which could be described "dosage wise" as a pile that fitted within the palm of the hand. This way of working dosage works well as the bigger you are the larger your hands are. If the person has more bulk then a little more is given. Now this is just a dose that is used for Bwiti not an initiatory dose, an initiatory dose: I was told is sixteen to seventeen times the amount. I had what could be described as a heaped table spoon in quantity. This was enough to see trails and with the addition of the music and singing as well as the way they manipulate the flow of energy I felt the combined effect very powerful and much more than ibogaine hcl on its own. This is all very well for spiritual or psychological work, or even in treating afflictions of the mind which is another topic in its self which I hope to get the chance to share about at
 some point. But the point I am trying to make especially where opioid withdrawal is being treated the hcl is far easier on the patient. It would be interesting to discover more about the other alkaloids though and I hope to discover more about this through Bwiti while the funding is still absent for laboratory work. Basse

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Maybe we should all be switching to bark?  That yield is low. If you ate a kilo of bark you would get way, way, more effect then the equivalent of 1 to 1.5 grams.  Which is good considering you realistically could never eat a kilo of bark. 

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And just to add to Patrick's post, on a larger scale it takes half a ton of root bark to produce on kilogramme of hydrochloride. Besides the difficulty to grow the plant there are also statutory laws surrounding the export of iboga from Gabon . The other thing is that it is a time consuming process. The roots have to be washed and then all the debarking is done by hand. I was given a rough idea that it would take about six months to produce a ton of root bark. I am not sure how many people would be working on the project but it is not a simple task at all and as Patrick said the yield is not very high for a pharmaceutical grade of ibogaine hydrochloride.
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> Hmmmm, that sounds about right as to the scarcity in the marketplace.
> Buts its confounding, Ibogaine is legal in almost all countries, I  
> don't understand the difficulty in production. I understood that  
> Ibogaine HCI isn't from iboga root but in fact is a by-product of  
> other laboratory extractions.

Ibogaine HCl is from iboga root bark, it takes roughly 1 kilo to  
produce 1 - 1.5GM of HCl.  The world demand has significantly  
increased, the availability has not.  The future of ibogaine is most  
likely cell-culture technology; which is presently prohibitively  
expensive to utilize for mass-production.  Once demand hits a certain  
peak, it will become more feasible.

There are of course other possibilities, but ibogaine grows VERY  
SLOWLY, it's difficult to use the cannabis paradigm of Overgrow the  
Government in this case...


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