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Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 21 07:01:32 EDT 2007

It's too late... they already teamed up with Pinky and the Brain, their latest catch phrase is "Carbon Emissions" and "Global Warming" and they're going to take over the world by making us pay for our Emissions...............ooooo erh.,...

         I'm with you here Kirsty. That would be cool. Could I send this "chatroom" the world domination plans of Cob Slather and Nard Tingledick? They are scheming as we type and they must be brought out in the open so they can be stopped. 
       Peace Love and Straight Jackets

On 9/21/07, Capt Kirk <captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
Hi Patrick.....we use this on our website..  it's a good un... I'll even pay the one off $5 for it!  I rekkon it could help heaps with the noise....
Koiky xx

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From: Patrick K. Kroupa < digital at phantom.com>
To: The Ibogaine List <ibogaine at mindvox.com>
Sent: Friday, September 21, 2007 3:05:28 PM
Subject: [Ibogaine] Please Read Me 

On Sep 20, 2007, at 10:20 PM, aktionman at phantom.com wrote:

>> all
>> these "unsubscribe me" emails are giving me an almost overwhelming 
>> urge to
>> act like a total a-hole.
> don't worry doOd......i succame( is that past tense for succumb?)
> to one
> earlier 2day. his whine about not being able to dissappear just got 
> to me,
> so i sent him a personal(off list) rant. it felt good!!!! being an
> a-hole
> is ok if you choose the right moment. i'm ok now......ever'one can
> come
> back in the room now!!!!!! 
> i just couldn't take it anymore. it was just like 1 of those aa
> meetings
> where sum guy snaps at another for complaining about the same thing
> over &
> over.
> p,l & u 
> marcus

Marcus, please tell me that you're doing alla that from your own
account at AOL...  'Cuz, see, if you're taking it upon yourself to
start sending out hate mail to people, using an @ phantom.com account;
what you're doing is basically saying thanks, by causing even more
headaches for us.

How many people have @phantom.com accounts?  I honestly dunno
exactly, but there's Howard, Dana, Eric, a small handful of our
friends and oh, yeah, you.

Try to pull back from the screen and not take it all so personally.
This is a small fraction of what flies by elsewhere, if I got bent 
out of shape over all this, I would just be upset all the time.  It's
not worth the hassle, and it makes people who land here and want to
know about ibogaine, just look like they stepping into a perpetual

Yes, this is partially our fault.  In some cases accounts that signed
in and signed out a year ago, have been pulled back in.  Some people
reacted with, "Oh, hey, neat!  Hi again!"  Others had violent 
psychotic outbursts.  Shit happens.

This is due to the fact that in case you haven't noticed, *I* am not
MindVox all by myself.  I have partners.  Their main priority is
really not the ibogaine list.  "Lessee, so, we've been hosting this 
for nearly a decade, at X amount of dollars per month * I don't wanna
think about how many years.  It generates absolutely no money,
displays no ads, and you're never going to charge anyone for it.
Gosh, we are THRILLED BEYOND BELIEF to host it."  Not everybody is 
drug-dependent or focused entirely on the worlds of drugs (whitelight
or darkside molecules), basically ... my partners don't give a shit
and put up with it, because it's my weird hobby.

Some accounts re-exist because a script that reassembled the list was 
not carefully date-check and tested.  It was THING TO DO #2027, seems
to work, we're done, NEXT.  YES everyone who is here HAS SIGNED
THEMSELVES ONTO THE LIST ... at some point, but perhaps they signed
off, or they just drifted out into space because the probes the old 
system sent never arrived.  The machines were overloaded and slow.
In some cases people who never signed off, have simply re-arrived,
after a Mysterious Year-Long Silence.

Yes, my honest response is, "You're a fuckin' idiot."  But then 
again, on the flipside, that's my response to a lotta shit human
beings seem to spend their time doing.  I don't take it personally.
Yes, the average human being has a room temperature IQ.  Is this some
shocking discovery that you've never noticed before?

Whatever the case is ... please don't send out hate mail and ranting
using our domain.  Yeah, there's freedom of speech, but then when
people bitch about it, ya know what ... we just get to hear MORE NOISE. 


Thanks, please try to be excellent to one another for at least a week
or two, until the lists stabilize.  Please try not to send out 5
youtube videos a day, unless they pertain to ibogaine in some way. 
Just try to, ya know, chill ... be mellow, pretend you open up your
mail and find 300 messages in it since a day ago, filled with ranting
lunatics you forgot about.

Okay, some of you already have that scenario.  Me too, I've had the 
same email address since roughly the dawn of time, unfiltered I get
10-12K pieces of email every 24 hours.  But, I'm used to that, my
mail system is primarily designed to keep 99% of everything AWAY FROM
ME.  Unfortunately this includes random mail from people who are not
in my addressbook, that gets greylisted/tarpitted and will eventually
land in some mail spool I may not see for 3 months.

But many other people don't.  They get 3 letters from their family 
members and hitting the Delete key confuses them.  They signed onto a
list last year, it went dark, and now there are screaming drug
lunatics back in their email.

They're all people, just like you.  And fuck yeah, I get it, many of 
you are all friends and it's cool to see other members of your tribe,
when there's been silence for nearly 3 weeks.

If you guys want a live-chat, I'll see what I can do about setting
one up.



p.s., A suggestion: If you are interested in ibogaine and somewhat
overwhelmed by what's in your mailbox at the moment, you may want to
set yourself to DIGEST MODE.  You can do that, or unsubscribe by 
clicking the link at the bottom of every single message; erm, what am
I saying, nevermind.

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