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I must be in serious need of some entheogen induced humility because all these "unsubscribe me" emails are giving me an almost overwhelming urge to act like a total a-hole.  I seriously considered spamming the list with "please subscribe me" emails.  "Can anyone please help me subscribe to this list? <<<<

It's like the people are panicking. It's an interesting tone they have. Like they've been attacked by something horrifying and they're desperate to escape. Help! Unsubscribe me! Oh, my god i can't take it! You could always count on some very divergent creativity coming from this list. Even from the people who are so desperate to escape it now. What about that girl last night who was trying to escape it using her automated typing thingy. That was original. Lemme run this by the captived again, and maybe they'll notice it this time. Probably not, but maybe. Hey, maybe God wants you to be here..


Send a blank email to:
 ibogaine-unsubscribe at mindvox.com.
If you want off drugwar, do the same, but send to: 
 drugwar-unsubscribe at mindvox.com
They'll send you a confirmation email back....Which will make no sense...Just hit reply on that,and then hit send. Then you're off. 

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