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Capt Kirk captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 20 20:57:35 EDT 2007

You n me both, Matt, and I get shit for trying to help out the unsubscribers, there just aint no justice!!!
But after the period of listlessness, it's totally worth it.......give it a week or so, and it will settle down, there's always teething and winjing problems with change......

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I must be in serious need of some entheogen induced humility because all these “unsubscribe me” emails are giving me an almost overwhelming urge to act like a total a-hole.  I seriously considered spamming the list with “please subscribe me” emails.  “Can anyone please help me subscribe to this list?  Ohhh I want to be on this list so bad, please help me sign up.”  My not at all helpful, totally sarcastic response to the lower half of Albert’s bell curve.

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