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This is rather hectic in my opinion, with the way we are heading towards micro-chipping everyone, this type of device could easily be used to enforce the " right of admission reserve" So if you don't comply with whatever conditions set by gaining access to a certain areas you are repelled or not allowed access. This could be anything from schools to any public places, not only government buildings or military. Because its non-lethal it will be so easy to conn people into accepting the installation of these type of devices. This will be so easy with this whole war on terror fear tactic that is being used so well. I know its not exactly to do with the subject of ibogaine directly, as was pointed out, but I think it is relevant to the ideology of ibogaine. In my opinion of course, it helps to share information like this so that we are aware of what is happening rather than being ignorant of potential dangers to our rights as human beings.

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For a bit of creepy check this: http://www.raytheon.com/products/silent_guardian/ 

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