[Ibogaine] How To Get Off Easily

ccadden elgrekkko at carolina.rr.com
Wed Sep 19 23:45:59 EDT 2007

>>>>What Chris said, I just tested this too, all the old commands seem to
work, the only thing that's changed is a lot of new commands have been
added with a web interface because presumably the very clueless had
trouble understanding the mail interface.
The main difference is the mail server is now as close to realtime as
yahoo or gmail, no more 45 minutes between send and receive.

Exactly. It's swift as hell now. Try it, and love it. Screw yahoogroups; this is faster. But it's crazy how many people are tweaking and sending, GET ME OUTTA HERE NOW I DON'T KNOW HOW MESSAGES. But then again, I was rather tweaked to download mail yesterday, and find those old groups of mine suddenly and mysteriously operational again. I thought my ISP had had the nerve to actually decide to filter my mail because some of my lists had the scary word *DRUG* in the title. 

So I'll repeat the directions for the easy way to get off these lists

 Send a blank email to:
 ibogaine-unsubscribe at mindvox.com.
 If you want off drugwar, do the same, but send to:
 drugwar-unsubscribe at mindvox.com
 They'll send you a confirmation email back....Which will make no sense...Just hit reply on that,and then hit send. Then you're off.

Easy way to subscribe? Do the opposite..

drugwar-subscribe at mindvox.com
ibogaine-subscribe at mindvox.com
vox-subscribe at mindvox.com


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