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You need information. When you go through the initiation you come out on the other side a new person with a new name so you are like a baby. This is the beginning of your new life and the Bwiti actually makes a concoction wrapped in leaves and placed in a fire which represents the breast and out of this is the symbolic breast milk, but I am getting off track here. You have to start to feed the baby (spiritually) by learning Bwiti, so the baby (the reborn spirit and new you) can grow spiritually in Bwiti and become strong. For instance, it was explained to me that they never say goodbye in Bwiti because we are always together where before we were alone. This is information, though a simple example helps your spirit in Bwiti grow strong.

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You have said this several times, "After initiation the baby must be fed!". What does this mean?

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I just need to establish what I can share, my nganga does not mind if I share but is not keen on open forums and as you know what happens during bwiti is for those in bwiti, but would love to share some of the ideology. It has really helped me understand iboga and in terms of aftercare the answers are all there. After initiation the baby must be fed! 

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I was hoping to share what I have learnt from the Bwiti with others and particularly those that work with iboga. I am however restricted to what I can pass on and they are not all that keen on the internet as a means to convey the message. 
So what I would like to just say that it has been a very valuable experience in understanding iboga and how everything fits together. It seems that they are also keen to learn what science has discovered about iboga, my aim was to find a middle road by combining science with Bwiti, so I am happy they share the same idea. 
I am completely overwhelmed with information and I have reached an understanding that I have seem to have understood and grasped what it is all about. It has been a fantastic experience and I would also like to encourage those that have been initiated to keep on learning. 

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