[Ibogaine] church of scientology vs. ibogaine

Mason Shipley maseshipley at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 19:04:28 EDT 2007

This has got to be one of the dumbest most ill conceived ideas I've ever
seen. As I've said here in the past, my background is the rooms and not
having a great deal of success staying clean. I'm not seen much knowledge of
ibogaine in any of the meetings I attend and the few who haveh heard of it
are some in a fearing or angry space and it's another drug and others are
more open. Though this is the first time I've seen an organized recovery
group go out of their way to attack ibogaine. It's more then a little
strange to see a group which is often attacked and accused of the very same
brainwashing they're ranting about, turn around and pick a fight with
ibogaine of all things?

Not really sure I get what they're thinking. Whatever all they may be, the
church of scientology is not stupid. What a leftist liberal group which is
usually perceived as being more then a little nuts, hopes to achieve by
attacking a plant used to detox people which is already schedule 1 and
mostly promoted by another group of leftist liberal nuts ;-) .......Why even
bother, what is the outcome supposed to be? Maybe I'm not being sensitive
enough but its like the black gay men group decided to pick a fight with the
black lesbian women group.


On 9/18/07, Adam Nodelman <jonathanswiftboat at yahoo.com> wrote:
> yes,pot kettle , black,etc..only church of sci could come up with the
> hypnotic suggestion thing,sacrament envy.just what do they think ol LRON
> was looking for out there in outer mongolia in is young days???anyway
> whoever these evil scumbags are this falls inti that ol classic maoist
> marxim(forgive me nick)something to the effect of it being good that our
> enemy has attacked  us,therefore drawing a sharp contrast,or whatever
> between us and them.  adam
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