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Vector Vector vector620022002 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 10 03:35:22 EDT 2007

The archives for the old list were always accessible up until like 6
months ago when they were locked, I think because their old servers
were overloaded but on the paranoid side what do I know, there are
always stories about everything behind the scenes but anybody that
signed on was able to access them up until then. Then there are peeps
like me who have been here for 5 years downloading these messages to
email. There have always been these huge announcements of how this is a
public list. 

Away from the ibo and drugs side of the picture, there is a lot of talk
in the hacker semi underground (I don't pretend to have any huge in's
with the peeps who are doing anything), but I think after almost 10
years of being on idle, MindVox got funded somewhere and is opening
again and at least half the tech crew are the usual collection of
badasses MV always has, my cv, 'I've been arrested 10 times, the
government threated to burn me at the stake and I only have 2 felony

The entire Mindvox rep is being discrete, at least in the past half the
core people were all being.......... 'private' because of hacking or
drugs or whatnot, but it looks like that same core group of people
constantly hung out with every reporter in the world. Which makes them
exactly not different at all from all the drug people here 'I need to
be anonymous and quiet and nobody must know' so then why do you talk to
any reporter who will stick a camera in your face and use your real

Hacker underground, drug underground, shared psych profiles and
motivations ;) 

Not that this is exactly the same mindset that really clueless people
who post really deranged bullshit on this list over the years, with
their real names attached to it, are in ;)

I can forward some of the messages, this convo has taken place at least
50 times here before. One reason I agree with Patrick and Howard and
think it would be great for all of it to be online, it's not like
thousands of peeps don't already have some of the pieces in their 10GB
free emailboxes, the problem is its all a bunch of fragments, it would
be nice if Mindvox put it all online. I'm liking the new mail system a
whole lot better then the old one so far, the interface is handy, if
they do their whole mindvox coming back to life deal, I think you can
look forward to alot more reporters landing here, which is great for
ibogaine and really back to not being any different then what already
happens here all the time anyway, but more in the background ;)

I wrote a long message :)


--- Matthew Shriver <Matt at ITSupport.net> wrote:

> I was poking around on the mindvox site a little; following some of  
> the links Patrick sent out and his threat to archive the ibogaine  
> list online was realized.  I know there was some discussion in the  
> past from a friend of ours who’s name started with a D about not  
> wanting their name or email address linked with the material they  
> posted in a publicly searchable format.  Well now that has been done,
> although you do have to actually join the list before you can view  
> the archive for whatever that is worth.  However, the archive starts 
> with the new incarnation of the list (I have no idea if Patrick plans
> to put up the old stuff).  So if you do not want your email address  
> and your name associated with the content of your posts, in a format 
> that is available online, then you should refrain from posting or  
> subscribe to the list with an appropriately considered email address.
> Personally I think you cannot have too much openness and honesty in  
> your life.  Although I do admit to certain things on this list that  
> while technically illegal are not things I feel any shame or self- 
> consciousness around.  In fact I strongly suspect that those who  
> would persecute me for the technical illegality of my actions would  
> benefit enormously from more openness and honesty in their own lives 
> and with their own consciences.
> I have noticed a curious thing recently.  When I look deeply inside  
> myself I see that no matter how hard I try and no matter what I do or
> don’t do, I will always make mistakes.  This may seem self evident  
> but somehow today it strikes me as more significant.  If I am to be  
> truly honest with myself, I have in my nature the ability to do the  
> most selfish, fucked up, greedy, sneaky-assed shit imaginable.  And I
> know it first hand because some of it I have done.  It is in my  
> nature that I am capable of this.  It is in my nature that I will  
> sometimes behave this way despite my best efforts.  I am less than  
> perfect and always will be.  I am flawed.  I am human.  But here is  
> the curious thing that I mentioned.  When I am in touch with this  
> truth and I look at the actions of those around me whom I would judge
> in another frame of mind, I see that they are just like me.  They are
> acting on their own inner flawed potential to commit error.  They are
> experiencing their own imperfect human nature.  And from this frame  
> of mind, rather than judge them I feel tremendous compassion for  
> them.  I know first hand how painful it is to see that all of that  
> yucky, immoral, even evil potential exists inside of me and my heart 
> goes out to those who are being driven by it.  I feel love for them  
> and I hold out hope that they can shine that light of honesty and  
> openness into their inner being and see what’s truly there for  
> themselves.
> I read an interesting quote recently but despite searching for it  
> twice I can not find it again so I cannot say who it is from nor  
> guarantee that I have it exactly right but it went a little something
> like this:  “Those who are unable to recognize God will surely think 
> it is the devil.”
> Matt
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