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Dana Beal will Appear at the
3rd annual Wonders of Cannabis Festival at Golden Gate Park October  
27 and 28
Golden Gate Park Hall of Flowers near
9th Ave & Lincoln San Francisco CA
Roll it, weave it, smoke it, eat it; the benefits of cannabis and  
hemp are featured in this two-day concert, expo and festival.
San Francisco, CA - Pot, weed, bud, herb, hemp, ganja and grass;  
whatever you choose to call it, the cannabis plant has permeated the  
fabric of American culture and counterculture, with the San Francisco  
Bay area a hot-bed for continued activism and debate.
On October 27 and 28 the Wonders of Cannabis Festival returns for the  
3rd year at the County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park. Emceed by  
special guest Tommy Chong with his wife Shelby, the indoor/outdoor  
showcase will feature live music, comedy, speakers, forums, and  
vendors. The enlightening two-day event is meant to educate and  
celebrate this versatile plant and the dynamic culture that has  
surrounded it for over five thousand years, and will touch on  
important topics suck as user rights, advances in research.
Hours are: Saturday, Oct 27th from 11am-7pm, and Sunday, October 28th  
from 11am-6pm. Tickets are $25; $20 seniors/disabled, and are  
available at the door. The Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park is  
located near 9th Street and Lincoln Avenue.
Web Site: http://www.wondersofcannabis.com
Along with Tommy Chong, comedians Ngao Bealum and Geechy Guy will  
keep the crowd laughing during the “green” event, which will also  
feature a full line up of entertainment including live music from the  
JGB band, BLVD, Ry Kihn Band, and The Basics, among many others. The  
large exhibit hall will feature a celebration of the craftsmanship  
and artistry alive within the culture. Each day will feature the  
popular Rolling Contests with prizes for the fastest, longest,  
fattest, and best one-handed joints.
“Cannabis is a helpful herb used by millions of people,” says Ed  
Rosenthal, activist and founder of the event. “We want to educate the  
public about the truth gained through legitimate research.” In order  
to playfully, yet pointedly, draw attention to the magical qualities  
of the herb, Ed will appear at the event in full magician's gear with  
cannabis elements to add flare.
The Wonders of Cannabis Festival is a fundraiser in support of Green  
Aid, a medical marijuana legal defense and education fund based in  
Oakland, CA.
Founder Ed Rosenthal is recognized worldwide as an authority on  
marijuana. In his thirty-plus years as a cannabis expert, he has  
served as a columnist for High Times, Cannabis Culture and Skunk  
Magazines. He has written or edited more than a dozen books about  
marijuana cultivation and social policy.
Wonders of Cannabis Tickets

Available at the door, cash only:
$25 Day Pass / $60 VIP Day Pass
Advance sales (with Visa/MC):
customerservice at quicktrading.com or Call 510-533-0605 ext 6# before  
October 25th.
Group rates:
20 tickets for $350; 50 tickets for $750; 100 tickets for $1250, call  
510-533-0605 by October 22.
Rain or shine, come out for a magical time!

CONTACT: Serene Moussa, Hamilton Ink PR
415-381-3484, serene at hamiltoninkpr.com

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