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The reason I have chosen massage specifically is that the patients respond to human touch, its not all chemistry, the combination of touch and the therapeutic value of massage as well as the feeling that "this person cares for me" has a fantastic affect. I have seen it speed up recovery and makes the following 24 hours easier. The nurses have been great too. I have been lucky to have people that are really kind hearted and have an unbelievable amount of time for people.
hopefully together we can make the experience allot more bearable than just "toughing it out" Which is exactly what the tail end of the treatment can feel like. Its all a process that I am enjoying seeing the results to. If the initiate is relaxed and comfortable when they leave the chances of staying that way are increased, I would not want anyone to leave while they ere still feeling like crap. I just want to thank those that contributed with information. 
Just a quick note, I will be listing the providers that responded to my request for sharing information soon, I have a good list of treatment centres and providers with their own unique approach. I will be happy to promote them, and with the combined information we can all grow and offer better and safer options for treatment.

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Hi Douglas,

Our clinic in Natal makes use of the sauna for both detoxification and as a 
muscle relaxant, after the ibogaine treatment, whilst we at the Johannesburg 
Branch made use of a Jacuzzi spar which has been found to be equally as good 
and in some cases even more therapeutic.

Here the person gets the advantage of both the heat and water for massage!


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>I think that is a good idea.  I could have used something like that at the 
>tail end of my trip.  Instead, I took a shower, which helped...  not 
>terribly recommended if you are wobbly though  :)
> simon loxton wrote:
>> Thanks for the information, I was recently at the health food store to 
>> get Valerian tincture when I enquired about Kava, apparently it had been 
>> taken off the shelves and they are no longer supplying. It has been a 
>> concern of mine that after 24-36 hours of ibogaine treatment the average 
>> person has had enough and the whole experience can become stressful and 
>> result in restlessness. What I have decided to do is offer Valerian 
>> combined with an aromatherapy massage at no added expense. I think this 
>> will make the treatment allot more tolerable as well helping to release 
>> toxins from the body. Then after 48 hours a sauna might be good. I think 
>> I will see how the Valerian and massage go, then see about adding a sauna 
>> before the person is ready to be discharged discharged. What do you 
>> think?
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>> Later research showed the problem with the kava extracts affected people 
>> were taking was due to the entire plant being used in processing to 
>> extract all possible kavalactones.  Big business is greedy, you know.... 
>> The traditional way of using only the root (there is no history of native 
>> use and related liver failures) avoids certain chemicals (I forget) that 
>> are only found in the leaves and stem.  These chemicals were responsible 
>> for the liver problems.
>> so my advice is don't buy extracts.  buy only powder made exclusively 
>> from the root.  there are some good web companies out there, Kava Kuai in 
>> Hawaii is one.   frankly, I think a large chunk of the health food 
>> industry is BS.  new research has shown many vitamins in pill form seem 
>> to do no good what so ever....
>> but unfortunately kava is one of the worst tasting substances on the 
>> planet.   and it is hard to mask it.  there are coffee based recipes out 
>> there...
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