[Ibogaine] controlling pain

Nyc W. Alberts digitalcomponents at gmail.com
Wed May 30 16:22:31 EDT 2007

chi malan wrote:
> hey, this is for any and all who wish to answer; those of you who have 
> already done ibo and were on drugs for pain relief before the 
> treatment, what do you do to manage that pain now?
> chi x
I've been going through missed episodes of "House" (a FOX show of all 
things), on the DVR lately, trying to clear out some real estate and two 
of them really stood out.

One where House was trying to discredit a professional rival by proving 
that the medication that he had in FDA Clinical trials, to cure migraine 
headaches, was bogus by artificially giving himself a migraine and then 
using the other doctors untested "cure" to see if it would stop the 
migraine he gave himself.

It didn't, but unfortunately, neither did the migraine headache.

So what does the not so good doctor do to get rid of his migraine?


I am not making this up http://tinyurl.com/ywq2ne

Bear in mind that this was on FOX TV.

In the other other episode he has a surly teenage patient that has 
unbearable headaches, so they give the kid....

Psylocybin mushrooms for his headache.

On national television.


Again, I'm not making this up:


Then there is the episode where House is given ketamine, without his 
consent, to hopefully cure his chronic pain in his leg, in the hopes it 
will get him off the vicodin he's addicted to: http://tinyurl.com/2c39qe

Also, to bring it back to Ibogaine, I could have swore I saw a paper 
Howard recently wrote on using Ibo for pain management, in lieu of 
opiates, but I can't find it on the Dossier website.


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