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Thanks for taking the time to write down your protocol. Just as an aside
I would wonder if by doing it this way you might not go deep enough ?

Sounds  like a interesting method though.

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I ve been operating what I call a 'titration method' for the last four 
years, for exactly the reason you stated.

It smooths out the clients journey and does not subject them to

Also if worked interactively with the client it allows for a fine
in accordance with the clients requirement as they feel it.

i split all doses into 350mg caps taking client upto 3 caps, first of
is test dose. Timming between doses can be as much as one hour.

After 1050mg is in system, the scope for individual requirement based on

what client is feeling comes into play.

>From this point on you work with how client is feeling.

Dosing up by 350mg can happen at any time upto 6 or even 8 hours in.

Even 350 mg taken late into treatment can make a profound difference and

land someone where they need to be.

It is a much more powerful method, once you get accustomed to using it.

It is a more advanced system than what you call a flood dose.

So each treatment becomes indiivdually adjusted, not by body weight nor
mg/kg recomendation, but by what the person needs and feels out.

It proves to be a much more humane and bespoke way of facilitating 
treatments and the person becomes accustomed to working with their own 
feelings, own guidance system.

But it is important to be a grounded practitioner when doing this and
your own feelings over what is happening, not just going along with

Experimenting with this method allows you the facilitator to become much

more exacting and much more involved with your clients process. The
you work together, the better for all.

I would respect that no one would adopt this method as 'their own' as I
had a shared working protocol of mine 'hijacked' before by someone who 
did'nt even use it...but it made them sound good and proficient, but
their working truth.

By all means experiment and see how it works for you, feed back would be

great, but be cautious.


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>Sorry, Heart rate.
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>Hi Simon,
>We have too being managing our patients on the same parameters for more

>than six months,  as you are currently experimenting with now , it
seems to 
>work well for us too! What we have noted is that the holistic
>diminishes a little as the "trip" seems to be less intense. Obviously
>were the shared sentiments of the patients that have done the Ibogaine 
>treatment more than once. And are comparing between the first and
>Also may I just make comment to your statement :- no nausea and blood 
>pressure and bp remained constant.
>Do you not mean heart rate here?
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>I have a female patient with me who does not seem to have a high
>for drugs. I was concerned that taking all the ibogaine in one dose may
>a bit intense, so I split the dose into four and administered the doses

>every half hour. It seemed to work well, no nausea and blood pressure
>bp remained constant. I found with one flood dose there was a
>drop in blood pressure which stabilised after an hour. This method
>easier on the patient and not such a shock to the system.
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