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Good Dog, Randy I thought you'd swallowed a dickshunary or summink...............but it's still youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!
And  I also see no problem in people promoting their clinics on here...... what better place to do it? I'd much rather someone be treated in a totally cool environment..................safe in good hands......its a little freaky otherwise...........and as much as we don't wanna hurt the ibogaine movement.........until there's clinics everywhere... the "inexperienced trying to gain experience thru all you awesome people sharing your info" are going to be there trying to give back the fucking awesome gift we were given "by some inexperienced ibogaine provider" who was just trying to give back the awesome fucking gift and...................need I go on.............
luff lite and global enlightenment 

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            Stated most eloquently Sandra. Your ability to put things to a perspective whereas the Ibogaine movement in general is represented to look like a logical and therapeutic tool is very greatly needed. "cause you know, guys like me might make people think we're a bunch of flakes or sumpin". Maybe I should cease and desist with my inane ramblings and become more pragmatic in my approach to getting the word out about how Ibogaine can rule the worl...............(scratch that out)....................Ibogaine talks to u............................naaaaa can't say that........................Ibogaine really helps a lot of people. 
          Hope you don't mind me kidding with you here.
     The Iboga Therapy House is a very well known place Jonathan, it's been around for quite some time and comes very highly recommended. I wanted to go there myself but couldn't get it together to get it done. You asked about a place in Vancouver and you did receive my friend. 
       Peace Love Happiness

On 5/27/07, Sandra Karpetas <sandra at ibogatherapyhouse.net> wrote: 
Hi Jonathan,

If you have questions about the Iboga Therapy House in Canada, please
feel free to contact Karen anytime. She coordinates the intake process 
and can answer any questions you have. Her # is 604-886-5767, feel free
to call collect if you need to, we are soon to get a toll free # but
it's not up yet.

We do ask people to fill out the application form to get a sense of 
whether they are ready and physically/psychologically/emotionally able
to handle a journey of such intensity. It really helps our intake
process, but if you don't want to fill it out just yet, that's fine, 
call and ask any questions you have.

As for costs of the therapy, for substance dependence it costs $4200 CDN
(about $3890 USD) all inclusive for the 5 day program. We are working on
having photos of our facility and staff soon, but in the meantime, if 
you would like me to send you some pics so that you can get a better
idea of what our facility (actually a house) is like, send me a private
email and i'll gladly send you some images.


My apologies to the list if this sounds like an ad...hard to avoid that one. 

As for the discussion about whether or not someone should use ibo at
home...One of the things we are working towards is generating credible
evidence that ibogaine works so that we may obtain a legal status for 
ibo in Canada. At this time it is not the subject of any regulation here
and that puts its legal situation on shaky ground at best. If there are
deaths or even serious emergency situations that arise from ibogaine use 
here in Canada, then it could be made illegal in an instant, effectively
taking it out of the hands of those who would heal themselves with the
assistance of this powerful and wonderful tool.

Therefore I too, advise extreme caution in using ibo. Even in our 
facility that has a full emergency protocol and team capable of dealing
with emergency situations, we have had some potentially scary moments.
Thankfully, we have not had a single complication yet (hopefully we
never will) though I urge caution because there are seemingly many
potential issues that can arise medically and psychologically. We have
(and other providers do as well) offered our service in dedication to
the the great service that ibogaine can offer to humanity and it has not 
been without great challenge and a huge learning curve.

I understand that it is not financially accessible to all just yet at
the prices that we have to charge to keep the project running (even
though we are a non-profit) but I am confident that we can provide 
enough evidence with time that ibo works and works well in therapeutic
frameworks to make it more accessible, cheaper and safer with Health
Canada's approval and subsidization. We just have to build the framework 
and collect the information needed to demonstrate it. With time,
anything is possible. Hopefully, if things go well for us here in
Canada, it may even eventually lead to educated changes in the US too...

I guess it could be said that in this regard, I'm an optimist. I just
don't see why I should be jaded, cynical or fearful of something that
has this much potential to engender self love, understanding and
healing...Indeed it has been ibo's greatest message for me.



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