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I should know better than to sent out a email before I count to 100 LOL.
I will undoubtedly get hammered by the folks on the list. Deservedly so
no doubt. In my weak pathatic defense I lived on the streets of America
for 7 years. I know what it is like to have to worry where my next meal
was going to come from or if I had to sell my body so I could have a
place to stay. Thankfully that was a different period in my life and now
have the ability to look back on those times and except for a few things
I did  I enjoyed myself and learned what makes this country tick.

Peace bro



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Hi Steve,


Please don't get me wrong, I am not anti American. I was just blown away
by the art. For instance; South Africa has one of the highest violent
crime statistics, murder and rape, you hear the statistics but they
don't have as much impact as a photograph of a pile of bodies would. My
focus was more on the statistics them selves, not who was responsible,
we all are in the end. The statistics don't really mean anything until
you have a reference, like the visuals I commented on.



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Yo Simon,

Please be careful about generalalities. As you know figures lie and
liars figure but as you correctly stated Americans do consume more per
capita than any other group of peoples. They also contribute more goods
and services free to the impoverished than any other country, they also
clean up after themselves better than any other country. A poor person
in America has no clue what it is really like to be POOR. A poor person
in America may only have one car instead of two, may only get two square
meals a day instead of three, may have to stand in line to get free
food, clothing, medicine or anything else they desire as opposed to
paying for it as the better off Americans do. 

I guess I am just tired of all the America bashing that's going on now a
days ( this is not happening here thankfully I just hate to have it
start). I think Colin Powell said it best when he was at the UN and
uttered these words, "The only ground in a foreign country that America
has kept is the ground to bury our dead" .


I'll go back to my corner and be quiet now :-) 




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Hi Marco,


What an amazing exhibition, statistics are overwhelming when they are
just numbers, even from these small renditions the impact is not
entirely lost. I would love to see the artwork and get an idea of the
physical dimensions. I always saw America as one of the biggest
consumers on the planet, this gives a glimpse of the possible
consequences we will face as a species if we follow the trend that has
been set.




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Subject: [Ibogaine] chris jordan art


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