[Ibogaine] new: hopper's question on brain function

Sat May 19 17:18:48 EDT 2007

how do you keep the rootbark fresh and good.. ive tried some bark that was good, and some was good, then was bad within a week. rather than taking a pinch of hcl. I think rootbark would be better, but I cant seem to keep it good. 
There is only love and ibogaine, all else is illusion.

if you have someone who is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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  On this same subject just for anyone who is interested, it seems to me that iboga potentiates endorphins as well.  I usually go mountain biking on Saturdays, which I will do here in a little while seeing that today is Saturday, but lately I have been doing this thing where I take a pinch of rootbark in the morning and then another right before I go riding in the afternoon.  And when I get home in the evening I usually feel absolutely wonderful.  It's normal to feel good after I go riding but when I take the rootbark this way I wind up feeling really, really good.  It's nice.





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  That was my point too......his witty klowny way

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  We haven't heard from Ron in quite a while now.  Are you still there Ron?



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  So....I don't know about anyone else, But I for SURE would like to know the status of hoppers endorphins.  

  Ms. Mel here for SURE is feeling a bit "endorphin deficient" lately.   So tell me, have they gotten any sharper now that it's May and spring has sprung? 


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  So I think I'm not producing any endorphins nor am I able right now to do the simple things like take walks or bike rides to help them along.  Any one know whether the brain can permanently lose the ability to make enough endorphins to make one have energy and feel good,  post long term opiate and every other fucking drug known to humankind abuse?  Without an autopsy?  I ain't going for that right now no matter how much I want to know about whaddup with my receptors.  Well maybe if the right Goth chick takes me down the path convincing me it would be a " real trip".  





    ron, who needs to quit introducing himself as "endorphin deficient"  at 12 step meetings. People keep staring at me like I was a klown in a former life. 


  You are a klown in a former life....Yet I never did get to see that one.



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