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Hey Nate!
Well pleased that you are free of the virus, wish we could say the same. Did you use anything other than interferon? I am just always on the look out for treatments or things that may help Hep C. Cheers, and let me know closer to the time of your treatment.
I have heard from quite a few treatment centres and providers who are prepared to help with information toward the trials, and who are prepared to connect and generally share. They will be listed on my site soon, as reputable treatment providers. So if there is anyone who is still undecided, send me an email.
Take care 

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Hi Simon. Used to chat to u on your other email address. I am doing my ibogaine on the 22nd june. All ready. Cleared my hep C. Got news yesterday. I am sure it will make the experience better. Thanks for your advice the last few weeks. As for everyone else on the list I have been reading it for the last few months, and apart from the arguing, the advice being given is reasuring and encouraging for first timers of ibogaine coming off methadone . 
And hi Kirk, I will come and see you before I commence in June. Thanks for your help as well in the beginning. 

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