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You'll hopefully get a few more responses on this.  Capt Kirk summed it up,
it almost seemed like spam the amount of times you posted it.  We do all get
every message that is posted to the board, so we received your message alot
of times.
Ibogiane is illegal in the USA, so maybe exploring some of the treatment
centers out of country where it is not illegal may be of help.  There are
some in Canada and in Mexico.

On 5/16/07, pat dolan <pat_dolan at comcast.net> wrote:
>  Can anyone help me locate Ibo, I am in a turning point in my life and
> need a fresh start. And from all the research I have done I believe this can
> be the first day of the rest of my life. I am starting a new job June 5th,
> moving to another state, and truly want to get off all this stuff I have
> been putting in my body and ruing my life. I have been to several rehab
> centers, and support groups, so I have the tools I just have to get past the
> rough part. detox,craving,triggers etc. I know this will help me. Can
> someone please help me locate quality Ibo? Or if you know of someone,
> someplace I can order it from, or a link or email address? I would truly
> appreciate it. I live in Spokane, Washington,99223. usa
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> I've got a script for Chantix in hand.  Does anybody have any information
> or experience with beginning a Chantix regimen directly after an ibogaine
> session?
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