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Can anyone help me locate Ibo, I am in a turning point in my life and need a fresh start. And from all the research I have done I believe this can be the first day of the rest of my life. I am starting a new job June 5th, moving to another state, and truly want to get off all this stuff I have been putting in my body and ruing my life. I have been to several rehab centers, and support groups, so I have the tools I just have to get past the rough part. detox,craving,triggers etc. I know this will help me. Can someone please help me locate quality Ibo? Thank you,or if you know of a link or have an email address,smeone or somplace. I live in Spokane ,Washington,usa


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  May I contact you off list? I just wanted to gather more information. I was lead to believe the opposite to what you just stated. I believed, or was lead to, that you retained a memory and needed less ibogaine each time. Though with each of my experiences the dose was escalated so I can't confirm from my own experience, I may be thinking in lines of relieving withdrawal and not the spiritual journey.

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  I find that for me the dosage has to be drasticly increased each time i take iboga/ibogaine...if i want a real inspirational spiritual vison journey i think i will need alot......  this might explain why the bwiti say they can reach the land of the dead only once during their iboga exp.... to reach it again they might have to consume twice the amount which could possess a big problem considering the puking and the horrible after taste

  the last time i took it i went with a budy to this incredible wilderness area here in canada and took about 700mg ibogaine and 15g of rootbark without any spritual visions.....everything was still in black and white and was very incoherent ...stupid silly shit like mountain scenery, forests, citiies etc ...nothign to really ponder about.....

  my first exp was the best--- only did a 1g of hcl and went directly to the elusive land of the dead....even the exp with mallendi in france didnt produce thsee effects...not even close, although the visions in the mirror had that true magical mystical feel to it....



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    Hi Charles! 

    yes, still around =)  ..but didn´t follow the list for a while.

    i did about 30g of rootbark (which might have been like appr. 1,5g of HCl) in stepped doses on december 10th, 2004. back then i was usually either on heroin or drinking heavily and was also weakened from a few weeks without sleep after stopping benzos.

    10 days later there was the "WOW!" moment, which gave direction, however there is constant distraction ;-)


    Am 12.05.2007 um 14:02 schrieb Charles Rossouw:

      Hi Simon

      I took a full dose of Ibogaine during December 2004, around a year after I became aware and done research on it, with no assistance, at home.  I would not recommend this to anyone.This was not to interrupt any addiction, but to see what the fuss was about before giving it to other people for whatever reason. 

      I can't remember much detail of the experience, except that three weeks after I took it, I had a "WOW!" moment, which gave me direction until now (And until I die). 

      I believe Ekki also did the same in the Black Forest during 2005, but with root bark. 

      Ekki, you crazy german, are you still around?

      Kind regards

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        With my recent contact with the university, I am hoping to make contact with anyone who has either done an ibogaine detox solo, or assisted someone with their detox or ibogaine experience. I can be emailed on a secure line atibogaine.treatment at iboga.co.za You can either respond anonymously or I will remove any personal information from the text. I believe there must be a substantial amount of treatments that have not been recorded. Even if the treatment was unsuccessful, I would be pleased to hear of any ibogaine related experiences.
        Thank you very much


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