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Sorry for not being clear on this.

It was a finger clip monitor that looked at the amount of oxygen in my
system. I had a complete with blood work physical at the clinic with a
super doctor from the local hospital before they would allow me to take
the medicine. I can not ever say enough about that Doctor. He was just
so down to earth , he was one of those people that you take a liking to
the minuet you meet. I felt like I had known him my entire life. But
back to the story. They put it on to allow them to leave me for short
periods of time. They were in and out of the room more often that I felt
was needed , probably due to the problem they experienced several months
before I went to the clinic and due the fact that they had beds for
three and I was the only one.

All in all I was delighted with how it all came down but there were
things that I still do not understand that were discussed by my built in
guide and myself. I want to go back if only to reconnect (hopefully
he/she will still be waiting for me ) and follow some of those paths
that were open but in my haste to see all there was to see I forgot to
smell the roses along the way . Hope that makes some sense :-)





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This whole device sounds terrible, noise is irritating enough while
tripping on ibogaine, a constant beeping would drive me nuts. I dont
know if they use that so that they dont have to have some one present at
all times? Were there people with you during your treatment? At least
the first 12 hours? What was the purpose of the heart reate monitor
making all the noise?


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I don't know if it was intended or not but this was a open post and I
felt compelled to throw my 2 cents in on just one thing you brought up.
I had my Ibogaine in a clinic and was hooked up to a monitor. The damn
thing kept going off on alarm and although they were probably on a 30
min monitor status, even 5 minutes of that alarm blaring in one's ear
was downright annoying. Not to mention it would yank me back to reality
or whatever or wherever I got back to in order to realize what the heck
that noise was and then be able to get my parts moving. I just remember
that up was not a concept that meant anything LOL the whole room was
like a jigsaw puzzle with the pieces not exactly in the correct order !!
So my point (long winded as it is) PLEASE make sure if you put in
something with an alarm that it is looked at constantly.

PS: I too appreciate the openness that you have shown. I am going to do
this again  and it makes me feel a little better  if people are open
about the negative experiences.  I have done a lot of weird stuff in my
day but I try to be informed of all the consequences of my actions prior
to ingestion!

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Thank you Nick

The past couple of weeks have not been the most pleasant of my life, but
think that after all the cards have been put on the table, I can sleep 
comfortably again, having proved all the rumours false.  Having a 
confidentiality agreement between ourselves and our patients, didn't
it easier either.

Anyway, all's well that ends well.

As far as the patient that experienced the problem is concerned, Kevin
and I 
were correct in our response to the crisis, i.e. effective CPR was 
administered timeously to the patient.  To identify a future problem 
earlier, we have installed a CCTV system in the treatment rooms to
monitor movement and breathing, on top of the 30 minute intervals of 
physical monitoring of vital signs and verbal communication.  We
need to purchase a EKG monitor to monitor cardiac function, but the 
equipment is expensive and we will do that as soon as funds are
Obviously our SOP's will need to be updated at the same time to
any extraordinary cardiac events.

According to the patient's mother, bloodwork has been done, but exact 
information was never given to me.  I will keep you all posted the
moment I 
recieve more information.

Kind regards


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> Hi Charles,
> I think it's great that you are willing to be open about the incident
> your clinic. Hopefully, others will be inspired by your example.
> forward to reading about what happened when you have more info. I also
> totally agree that "being dumped on" when you are being open about
> is
> really counter-productive. Personally, I just want to support you.
> Nick
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>> Agreed, Nick
>> And to be trashed when a problem occurs and is made known, doesn't
>> either.
>> This response is with reference to the problem that we
>> experienced a while
>> ago and made public, and trashed for so openly.  BTW we are still
>> waiting to
>> hear what the cause of the incident was.  We will let you know as
soon we
>> heard anything, so that all can benefit from the experience.
>> Kind regards
>> Charles
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