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HI kevin,
Medication for withdrawal is not necessary before ibogaine treatment, also you don't want to take any thing that may interfere with the metabolisation of ibogaine. There are a few things listed for use after ibogaine treatment. It is important to drink enough water, vit B complex, Calcium and magnesium, the information is quite easily available. I just wanted to respond to your question of what to use prior to treatment. 

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Hello all,
Does anyone have experience with Kratom, or 7-hydroxymitragynine? It is currently being used to combat withdrawal symptoms and so far so good. How long does a person need to be off Kratom before taking Ibogaine? Are there any short-acting meds that can be used to combat withdrawal during the hours before treatment? Someone mentioned Zofran did not interfere with Ibogaine but what about any other symptoms?
And what about after treatment? Does anyone recommend vitamins or herbs to replace nutrients lost during the treatment?
I would like to say thank you for all the information available and to everyone who posts on this mail list. It has been an invaluable resource while researching the Ibogaine experience. 

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