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  Nick - yes - it was in the Ethical Society in Red Lion Square, Holborn. (I
didn't remember that - I just looked it up!). I spoke to Hattie briefly and
chatted to Dan after the talk. On the psychedelic therapy question, LSD was
originally used in an almost traditional psychoanalytic setting, for its
ability to access subconscious material rapidly. Effectively a short cut for
non-drug methods which achieve the same goal, but in a more roundabout way,
transference, dreams, etc. Of course you need a skilled therapist to guide
the patient during this rapid emergence, otherwise you're heading for
trouble. From what I gather, ibogaine almost seems to have a therapist or
guide 'built in'. Some newer therapies also seek to get swiftly to the root
of the problem - like 'bodywork', which was used in conjunction with
psychedelics, by Grof anyway, but also appears to be rather effective
without drugs. There are lots of others, primal therapy, breathwork, etc,
I'm no expert in these, but I understand that they are all techniques for
gaining direct access to emotional centres, release blocks and achieve
catharsis, without spending years on a couch. I have no doubt that judicious
use of psychedelics as an adjunct to types of therapy would be beneficial.
And in the brave new world of psychedelic therapy, when the drug war is
finally ended, different compounds will be used for different purposes. Some
patterns are already emerging, ibogaine for addiction treatment, MDMA for
PTSD, psilocybin for advanced stage cancer patients. So much still to learn!

  Ketamine - yes, it's physically extremely safe, no doubt. But the
psychedelic effects can be kind of weird. So my comment was really about the
potential for freaking people out! Something like psilocybin would be a lot
gentler... not specifically thinking of ibogaine here of course, I
appreciate that experience can be rather tricky to navigate.

  Anyway, good to re-connect with you Nick. If I ever move back to the UK it
would be great to meet up.

  Hey Jeff,

  I totally agree with what you write about needing to do back up
psychoactives with body-based therapy if you're doing them for therapeutic
reasons. A lot of people don't bother and just end up carrying all sorts of
odd belief systems about. It is a thing with psychedelics in general and
ibogaine in particular, imo, that quite a big chunk of the people who are
attracted to use them "for spiritual/psychological reasons" are doing so
because they're looking for a "quick fix" strategy. Under the surface they
don't really want to have to show themselves, to another or to a therapist.
This is often the case, in my experience, for drug users too. Not everyone
is like this, for sure. But there's a big chunk that are. So, for me, this
is another big issue with promoting psychoactives for therapeutic work. You
do need to the do the therapy stuff afterwards and it's often the people
that don't that can end up giving the whole scene a dodgy name.

  Ketamine can freak people out, I'm sure. Personally, I think it's pretty
good for trauma release and so on and so forth. I've heard a good story or
two in my time specifically about K here, and I've had my own experiences.
They call it a dissociative. I find it pretty different from tryptamines
though I'm not into the whole scene of doing them anymore.

  Yes, get in touch if you're back in the UK. Where are you living now?

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