[Ibogaine] Boosters, low dose regimens, Bipolar, spiritual use

simon loxton simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk
Thu May 10 08:28:59 EDT 2007

Thanks Jeff,
I am sorry that I will never get to meet Dan, he sounds like quite a character, his death must have been a shock and a great loss to many. Thanks for your reply Jeff,

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Sure - it was Dan Lieberman's talk years ago in London that got me interested. Before that I didn't know anything about ibogaine. I had read a lot about the psychotherapeutic work using LSD while it was legal, particularly people like Stan Grof. So my main motivation is the healing potential of psychedelics in general, of which ibogaine of course is a particularly fascinating case. It is a great shame that all that promising research ended so abruptly. Apparently there were thousands of studies going on around the world using psychedelics in the 50s and 60s. Now MAPS and others are managing to get one or two going again (and kudos to them) but nearly 50 years have been lost. Ironically, things like Ketamine, which have a recognized medical application are allowed in clinical trials, but a lot of potentially safer substances are banned. Anyway, good to see things finally changing for the better. 

On 5/9/07, simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk> wrote: 
Hi Jeff,
May I ask what attracted you to ibogaine? 
Did you hear about its anti addictive properties or some thing other than that? I ask because I am interested in the motivation for seeking ibogaine other than addiction. The majority of people I come into contact with are addicts. Allot have experience with other entheogens. A smaller group for trauma and psychological reasons. 


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Simon, yes, I'm just gathering information at present. And the nature of the ibogaine world means much of it is anecdotal, but it all helps to build a picture. Though I admit that I do feel drawn to the idea that there is a healing potential in the plant beyond treatment for addiction. 

On 5/9/07, simon loxton <simonloxton at yahoo.co.uk > wrote: 
Hi Jeff,
>From my understanding caution should be used when considering the use of ibogaine if you are bipolar. As to whether ibogaine has any positive effect on bipolar sufferers, I have yet to hear of personal experience or documented evidence. 
The only possible benefit may be the anti depressant effect. Because ibogaine works on multiple transmitter systems I would say its difficult to predict a single result or action. 

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Paul, (and others), - thanks for your comments. Amazing really if ibogaine potentiates so many other substances. There was some discussion of benzos recently, I wonder if they fall into this category, one would assume so if Valerian does. Funnily enough I just took a capsule of that tonight for the first time in my life to see if it helps me sleep. 

Other points - my bi-polar question was really about whether ibogaine is contraindicated in that case for the treatment of addiction, but your suggestion is that ibogaine may even help with the underlying bi-polar condition as well as the addiction. Interesting stuff. 

Regarding the bark / HCL question, my own inclination was towards HCL, simply because it would seem safer (from what I have read). But it's not be the 'whole plant' and so may lack something. My concern about bark is due to the likely variance in samples - there are quite a few sources, compared to HCL at least. How do you know what you're dosing? Or do you just start small and work up? 

On 5/9/07, Paul Brookshaw <jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk > wrote: 
Any stimualnt, even Coffee. Anti-deprssants, also found some things about
To make a point here. Iboga has a stimulating effect on most anelgesics. I
mean it makes them stronger.
I took 500mg of Paracetamol for a slight muscle ache and it floored me for 3 
hours. (After ingesting 15 grams of root bark, three days later) 
I also took after 4 days of ingestion of 1300mg of Ibogaine Hcl, 30mg of
Codiene and threw up.
I m,ight add it pinned my pupils for nearly five hours. 
The Hcl didn't make me throw though:)
First Opiod I have taken in fourteen months. 
Made me iller than I required just for some pain.
I have now found that Amanita Muscaria and very low dose Iboga works fine 
for the pain I have sometimes in my back.
Seeing as most if not all our drugs come from plants, ther is likely to be 
some reaction to concoctions.
I even found Iboga to enhance the effects of Wild Lettuce and low dose 
Life is about expression so expresss yourself.

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>Date: Wed, 9 May 2007 03:19:43 -0400
>What's the best ideas on what drugs that low doses of iboga (or even a
>muther lode) would lower one's tolerance to, besides the one's people are 
>trying to get off of?
>On 5/8/07, Paul Brookshaw <jiggy9 at hotmail.co.uk > wrote:
>>I would just like to add that low dose Iboga/Ibogaine should never be 
>>attempted in conjunction with other drugs. The effects of low dose Iboga
>>ones tolerance is felt vey quickly and should not be attempted without 
>>strict medical supervision. Ibogas ability to lower tolerance to other 
>>substances is probably it's bane.
>>But who said life was easy.
>>Be well.
>>                                             Paul'
>> >From: "Jeff Black" < jefblac at gmail.com>
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>> >Subject: Re: [Ibogaine] Boosters, low dose regimens, Bipolar, spiritual 
>> >Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 22:55:44 +0100
>> >
>> >I would never take, or suggest any anyone else take ibogaine alone, that 
>> >much is pretty clear. I was just wondering if the problems that arise
>> >due to the full 15-20 mg per kg dose, or if as you say it is some type
>> >allergic reaction that may also occur at low doses. If you're not trying 
>> >combat withdrawal symptoms then it seems you could use a lower dose and
>> >still achieve some sort of breakthrough. My other thought was the use of
>> >regular, very low doses, as a sort of anti-depressant, but if that usage 
>> >just gives a stimulant effect then you're not really achieving anything.
>> >
>> >On 5/8/07, Randy Faulconer < bicuitboy714 at gmail.com > wrote:
>> >>
>> >>          Hey Jeff, I take it you're in England. I'll be glad to tell
>> >>you what I know about it. I just have to say that taking Ibogaine by
>> >>yourself is not a good idea. Even at low doses there can be problems.
>> >>It looks to me like some people just might be allergic to it or 
>> >>something. (My opinion) Anyway there was a guy on here last year that 
>> >>did a lot of work on low dose sessions. I can't remember Lee's last
>> >>name but I'm sure somebody here will. I can't even remember the name 
>> >>of his book, but it's pretty good. Somebody help me out here. OOOOO 
>> >>it's Albert I think. Google Lee Albert and see what you get.
>> >>         About the bi-polar thing? Patrick readily admits that he's 
>> >>bi-polar and I'm damn near border line I think, so I would venture to 
>> >>say that a bunch of bi-polar people have been treated so far without
>> >>any big problems coming up.
>> >>        I personally have no problems with anybody doing Ibogaine for 
>> >>spiritual reasons, or as an adjunct to therapy. I've changed my stance 
>> >>on that over the past 2 years. I just think that everybody ought to
>> >>take it very seriously, and do it with somebody around to help if 
>> >>anything goes wrong. For full dose treatments I'm of the opinion that 
>> >>it should never be done alone or with an inexperienced person. Just
>> >>me. Thanx for asking, that's what can change the mood of the list, 
>> >>good questions. Please ask more!! 
>> >>         Peace Love and Life
>> >>            Randy
>> >>
>> >>On 5/8/07, Jeff Black < jefblac at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >> > I wanted to revive some of Melanie's topics because they are all of 
>> >>interest
>> >> > to me and it would be a shame if the discussions were off list. Some 
>> >>this
>> >> > may have been covered in the past but as the archives are not 
>> >> > available those of us who recently joined don't know. 
>> >> >
>> >> > Here are some things I've been wondering about:
>> >> > 
>> >> > The different possible modalities for low dose and 'full' dose 
>> >> > usage. For example, are the physical dangers still inherent in low
>> >>doses? On 
>> >> > the bipolar question, is the general feeling that ibogaine is 
>> >> > contraindicated? I have a bipolar friend who is also using and badly
>> >>needs
>> >> > to quit. Is there any scope for spiritual exploration using low 
>> >>or is
>> >> > this a waste of time (and ibogaine)?
>> >> >
>> >> > Anyway, I don't personally have a problem with the off topic nature 
>> >>the
>> >> > list, but I'm pretty interested in ibogaine too. I met Dan Lieberman
>> >>a
>> >> > talk many years ago, and I also attended Nick and Hattie's 
>> >>in
>> >> > London where Patrick spoke, so I've kept abreast of the subject but
>> >>never
>> >> > had any direct involvement with the substance or treatment etc. 
>> >> >
>> >> > On 5/5/07, Melanie Gutierrez <gutierrezmelanie at gmail.com > wrote:
>> >> > >
>> >> > > Again, My thread has turned into "shit shit shit" 
>> >> > >
>> >> > > Back to my existential crisis.  Patrick,  I would like to speak 
>> >>you
>> >> > off list if you have time about the uses of Ibogaine for spiritual 
>> >>reasons.
>> >> > I have questions like, I think (guessing) you do "booster" doses, 
>> >>often.
>> >> >  I have been thinking of beginning my journey during the solstices, 
>> >>I
>> >>am
>> >> > a person that is greatly influenced by the stars.  The more I have
>> >> > paying attention and researching and learning how the stars and moon 
>> >>affect
>> >> > my "bipolar" disorder, the more I have been able to understand 
>> >>and my
>> >> > cycles.  Thank you for your time.  There is quite a lot more I would 
>> >>like to
>> >> > talk about, off the list, or even on the list, I'm pretty much an 
>> >>book.
>> >> > >
>> >> > 
>> >> >
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>
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