[Ibogaine] Patrick

marko marko at phantom.com
Tue May 8 15:01:33 EDT 2007

Hi Derek,

you are a funny person! I know, I know, by replying to you I risk that
you'll tear apart my English. To be honest, I don't worry about that,
simply because it's not my mother tongue; if you try and learn my mother
tongue to the degree I have learned English --> then I'll be more than
happy to accept your possible critics. In Slovene, of course ;-)

Next, I risk that you'll tear apart my home page
http://sacrament.kibla.si/ . I didn't do it, for I have no idea of how
to put together such a thing, so if you want to criticise it, I'll send
you designer's E-mail. I can ask him for permission, he lives in Maribor
as well. (oh, I did put texts together and I did tell him what I want,
of course!)

I have noticed that you don't really want much anonimity, but I wonder
why would you change only derekr42 at gmail and not also derekr at aleph? I
have googled aleph; very interesting. I assume that you don't work for
those fundamental Jews, do you? No, I think that your computer skills
are on a too high level for them. But then, maybe you do?

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that Google has only 6 pages of aleph.
And, as you know, anyone can open 33 anonymous E-mail accounts in an
hour, and send 33 complaints to a lot of @aleph E-mail addresses in a
very short time. E-mails which can be pure lies, malicious, with a
single purpose to make you lose your job, your friends, your credibility....

Is it possible (just hypothetically, of course!) that you were a victim
of such a set-up when you were attacking ISA? I wonder.....

And, I wonder how many lives have you saved in your lifetime? What gives
you right to attack people who DID save lives? If you don't agree with
the way they do it, why don't you start your own (perfect, of course!)
treatment center? I'll be more than glad to give you information where
you can obtain IBO for such a purpose!!!

To clarify, I'm not taking sides here. I have no idea what's happening
at ISA, I have never been there. I'm just... hmmmm.... curious if the
truth is really what you gave us?

But, you wrote something I definately don't agree with, that ISA is
giving IBO to rich kids who don't need it.


The above statement is just my opinion, of course ;-)

I don't know why you deny IBOright to anyone who is not addicted enough
to fulfill your criteria? Do you think it's fair? Do you want to keep
something like *IBOGAINE* away from masses?

Which makes me think that yeah, maybe you *are* one of those Jewish
fundamentalist, and maybe (just maybe!) your task is to destroy
Sacrament of Transition? LOL!!! Maybe our Sacred Sacrament is *THE*
sacrament (yes, many people on this list KNOW that it is ;-)  and we are
reaching dangerous proportions??

A few lines from Jesus Christ Superstar crossed my mind when I realised
that you'd like to hide on this list as much as possible:

If your slate is clean
Then you can throw stones
If your slate is not
Then leave her alone!

Is your slate clean, Derek?

LOL, I have no intention to discuss this any further, so you can use
your heavy artillery on me as much as you want. I don't care. I even
invite you to come to Slovenia to unsprung
or-whatever-you-want-to-do-with-*THE*-Holly-Sacrament ;-))

We are not for rich kids only. We are for everyone. Well, almost
everyone ;-)))


BTW, people, there's plenty of you who did IBO, and didn't fill out our
questionnaire in the Research section of SofT URL (it's at the beginning
of this mail). Why? Are you ashamed? It's no big deal, if Preston Peet
could do it (after severely opposing it --> without even seeing that
it's annonymous and short), you can do it, too!

Derek R. wrote:
> Slow One,
>     I don't really want much anonymity, I just regret using this e-mail
> address. I don't care if the people that know me or know about me go
> "oh, shit, there's Derek the junkie", that's fine - I'm a fucking
> junkie, and I'll be the first one to admit. I have an excellent sense of
> honor, so I'm not a "stab you in the back for a dime bag" kind of
> junkie, but I'll be the first one to say I'm hooked through the bag for
> sure. It doesn't do any wonders for your self-esteem, but it's the truth
> at least. Anyways, I signed up on this list w/ this address after
> checking to be certain that the list didn't have searchable archives -
> which I presume is true; I couldn't find a link to a search interface
> for the list, as most lists have on the page where you sign up, nor was
> I able to search list posts from Google (which could be either the
> result of not having the list archives available via the Mindvox web
> server, or from a robots.txt file which requests that a search engine
> not archive listed contents; I assumed the former since there wasn't a
> search interface available). I assumed that it would stay this way - not
> quite private, but not glaringly public either. I don't recall any
> notices about publicity or what-have-you on the page where you sign up.
>     I'm actually more concerned for other people, as there's nothing
> concrete linking me to this e-mail address. I just spend a little bit of
> time moving over to another address, and *poof* I'm gone. I'll have to
> unsubscribe this address from a number of other lists and do a few other
> things, but that's not a big deal. But there's a lot of other people
> that post on this list that probably don't want their information more
> public than it already is. As it stands, the list is private from two
> types of entities (who are also the ones most likely to use information
> from it) : civil servants (such as the one that denied that doctor
> access at the border) and private enterprise (such as the people that
> might not hire someone based on what they find here). Those are the two
> entities that I'm most concerned about, as they are the ones that are
> the most petty. The people that already have the means to get the
> contents of this list easily (such as the feds and whatnot), don't give
> a shit about Ibogaine or anyone involved (yet). Maybe I'm being
> paranoid, but I see a lot more harm than good being done by making the
> list archives publicly available.
>     I'd be perfectly happy if Patrick did the following to the spool
> files of the mail archives : find . -exec egrep -il 'derekr|derek\ r' 
> {} \; |xargs perl -pi -e "s/[dD]erek.*/dr/g" (or a something roughly
> similar; this would do the trick on a UNIX/Linux machine, which I
> presume that the Ibogaine list is hosted on, since ezmlm (the list
> software) is most commonly used on Linux web servers - note that I don't
> know exactly how ezmlm stores it's archives, off the top of my head) so
> that I can continue to use this e-mail address w/out fear of unwelcome
> attention. It might be useful to script it, to so that others could have
> their names or e-mail addresses removed as well.
>     Patrick, would you care to comment on any of this? I'd be happy to
> do some digging into how ezmlm stores it's archives, and then write a
> script for you that would enable you to quickly and easily change users'
> names/addresses that they want concealed. I'm more than willing to
> undertake any of the work necessary for this myself, and only ask that
> this e-mail address (and my name if possible) not be published on a
> public forum.
> Thanks,
> Derek R.
> ---
> derekr42 at gmail.com
> ---
> "You know, some people pay by the pound for good fertilizer, and here you are, giving it away for free!"

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