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warren, im so glad to hear from you. now that wasn't anything to be scared about was it? lol.... just knowing you took the sacrement makes me feel it all over again!! im so happy for you...
There is only love and ibogaine, all else is illusion.

if you have someone who is addicted to something (heroin, cocaine, meth, ect), google ibogaine.... its worth your time..... i promise....
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  I'm back, tanned, rested and feeling kind of lazy. The noise is gone from my head for now. I didn't have a spectacular breakthrough exerience, even though it was intrense. I got sick soon after the flood dose and remained nauseous throughout the night. I think I had 3 boosters after that for a total of 24 mg/kg. My dreaming got started with the flood dose but it was subtle. I can sleep and dream normally again. I don't know how long this feeling will last, but it sure feels good not to be so hypersensitive to neighborhood sounds. San Pancho and Sayulita are really cool little towns to hangout and get well in. Rocky and everyone at the Dreamhouse made the whole experience comfortable and even entertaining with Bwiti ceremony music. During the acute phase of the initiation I felt I was surrounded by the Bwitis singing and dancing. My feet wouldn't stop going to the rhythms of the sticks, stringed instruments and singers.  I brought my laptop and watched Tribal Badongo Iboga, a BBC documentary about Bwiti ititiation rites the night before my treatment that helped put me into the spirit of the ceremony. I was amazed at the dizziness that I felt during the acute stages of the Ibogaine. I tried to roll onto my side from laying on my back and moved just a little too fast. The air on both sides of me seemed to react by turning to vibrational jello that slowed me right down. Then when I moved slower, it was all  in slow motion and I had to wait for my body to catch up. All the thoughts going through my head at the time triggered some intense nausea and painful vomiting. I was really concerned I was going to choke but I was carefully watched and helped through those uncomfortable moments. I concentrated on breathing and swallowing in careful steps and everything smoothed itself out. Fortunately I didn't have to get up at all until I had regained most of my balance by early the next morning. After the visions faded, I started seeing trails and blue sparks whenever I looked away from a candle on the dresser. It was like playing a video game of star wars with my eyes. Anyway, there were roosters crowing half the night and lots of dogs barking: they all became part of a comforting backround ambience. I didn't sleep for 2 days before and after, but then I started getting good sleep with dreams again.  
  The weather was nearly perfect: a little humid with mosquitoes at night. The beaches were beautiful. I heard one airplane in 12 days. So it worked out well for me. I wasn't sure after the first initiation phase, but the boosters did the job for me. I don't want to consider taking any more Codeine or even Kratom for anything now. I'm going to set aside some funds for a tuneup in a few months when I start to feel dragged down by the city life again. So I am glad I finally did it. 40 years of nonsense in my head gone or at least very quiet, so I can feel and sense a dream world that I haven't been in touch with  for at least 15 years and even then my head was noisy. My blood pressure even has returned to normal after going a bit high in the last year. So I feel good again. Sort of like reborn. I highly recommend the Dreamhouse.   

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    The dot com goes after my space, then the users name................. then make sure ya put a space before ya type anything else after the URL
    cool space!!!!
    Hhahahaa had the volume turned down alot............thought the neighbours were playing hardcore!!
    Hey it's early and I'm fulla snot (which makes a change from fulla shit.....)
    PS IS WARREN  THE  RIOT back??????? must have missed that email..........cough up details man!

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    check min www.myspace/ta_nz.com-see<http://www.myspace/ta_nz.com-see> Kirk me got it dis time-x,it has all da sites of where I found my stuff.
    With 700,000,000 peeps u can't go wrone get ur sounz out there Randy,We'd love to hear them.

    Nope ya still fekked that one up woman!!!!! hehehehe

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