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Not so sure about that, during the 2004 death in Mexico (not the rich kids on lsd death, the one before that), there were vast rants here about MAPS covering it up because it conflicted with what they wanted. After months of time they finally changed their web page and even acknowledged there was a death.

For your theory that if its scheduled everywhere ibogaine will change, well mebbe the patent wars and lawyers will go away but somehow i doubt it, but its not like any part of the psychedelics movement is any different, every drug has the same thing, some group of people at the top who control nearly all worldwide distribution, and every organisation is completely 'open and transparent' until they get busted for lying their asses off like everybody else (the most recent big example would be John Halpern with MAPS, right ps, he's a DEA snitch who got people arrested and we always knew that but didn't say anything because it wasn't in our personal best interest).

Same old same old.


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Maybe the only solution to all of this, is if ibogaine is finally
banned in every country in the world, so everyone can stop issuing new
patents and 10 lawsuits for everything that ever happens and real
progress can be made. Right now I don't see that ever happening,
ibogaine is different then every other entheogen in this way because
probably it does something unique by letting people get off of hard

With respect and not denying that a very small handful of people has
also put in a tremendous amount of work, their time, their lives, for
ibogaine so its very possible they have the right to act the way that
they do which doesn't make it any more helpful but is in the end very
human. It's not as if the FDA or any other solution looks to work any


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