[Ibogaine] Shit shit shit

Patrick K. Kroupa digital at phantom.com
Fri May 4 17:21:00 EDT 2007

On May 4, 2007, at 12:56 PM, Carlton B wrote:

> Someone else has actually set up an ibogaine-related board, but I  
> don't want to pimp it here without their permission.
> Asking if "this place" could become a message board is akin to  
> asking if a mug of tea could become a glass of tea.   It's not so  
> much about the container, it's about the contents.   The people are  
> the contents, and inertia tends to keep them in place.   So what  
> you're really asking is whether Patrick would set up a message  
> board, ask everybody to go over there, and then shut down the  
> list.  I recall the last time this came up Patrick expressed that  
> he wanted things to be primarily email-driven.
> One thing to keep in mind though... a message board won't prevent  
> people from posting gossipy off-topic stuff.   That requires  
> conscious control, and unfortunately the strictures intended to  
> reduce misplaced postings tend to reduce the overall volume.    
> People want to go where there's activity, so unfortunately even the  
> unwanted stuff has a role in keeping the conversation alive.   
> That's my personal thought, anyway.
> On 5/3/07, Brad Hays <bradleyheathhays at gmail.com> wrote: Is there  
> any hope of this place becoming a message board instead of a listserv?

Hey Carlton,

Beautiful summary.  'Course, you'd know.  You were one of the  
lunatics here when we first launched MindVox 15 years ago.

The problem isn't list vs. browser-forum.  It's just that, EMAIL  
*must* exist as an option.  Without it, many of the most valuable  
contributors of actual information, will be nonexisted, because they  
simply WILL NOT load shit up in a browser, login somewhere, and  
cruise through threads.

It NEEDS to be either (list or forum) or (both) with bi-directional  
sync working (when someone posts something to the forum, it has to go  
out to the list.  When someone posts to the list, it has to go to the  

This basically means we cannot run any stock commercial or open- 
source, snap-together, idiot-proof forum like vBulletin, Invision,  
phBB, whatever.  Some of these do have hacked-together m0dZ that  
attempt this, but none of them are ready for primetime, and they tend  
to splinter, break, and disintegrate, when subjected to the sheer  
volume of stuff that flows in and out of here on a daily basis.  (Too  
many messages, going to too many subscribers).

All that being said, everything will be transitioned and functioning  
within 6-8 weeks (let's say: Summer, in MindVox time, to be  
realistic).  All messages ever posted here will be available/ 
searchable/complete with tag cloud.  And the full archives of the  
entire Calyx ibogaine list that Nick ran from 1997-2000 prior to  
everything moving to MindVox, will also be online.  In short: all  
ibogaine-related information ever transmitted through public lists  
(in English anyway), since The Dawn of Time, will be accessible.

It'll happen this summer.  We will do our best to make it happen  
sooner rather than later.

Rock ouT,


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