[Ibogaine] Shit shit shit

Charles Rossouw charles at ibogainesa.co.za
Fri May 4 16:15:38 EDT 2007

Hi all

A thread would also be easier to ID people digging (their own) graves - spade by spade in the same hole. 

Not to say I dislike this forum.  Actually, I love the energy.  The friendships, the spirited topics sometimes.

I will not be the first one to leave.

Kind regards

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  Thanks for your replies, and I'd agree that's all very true.  But I was just thinking a message board would let people avoid the subjects they weren't interested in and would also allow for sticky threads which would retain more n00bs cause folks could find the info they're looking for more quickly instead of having to wade through all the muck 

  On 5/4/07, Kevin Walker <kevin at ibogainesa.co.za> wrote: 
    You are one hundred percent right! 
    And to you and the list apologise for my contribution to the gossip but unfortunately replies needed to be made.

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      Someone else has actually set up an ibogaine-related board, but I don't want to pimp it here without their permission.  

      Asking if "this place" could become a message board is akin to asking if a mug of tea could become a glass of tea.   It's not so much about the container, it's about the contents.   The people are the contents, and inertia tends to keep them in place.   So what you're really asking is whether Patrick would set up a message board, ask everybody to go over there, and then shut down the list.  I recall the last time this came up Patrick expressed that he wanted things to be primarily email-driven. 

      One thing to keep in mind though... a message board won't prevent people from posting gossipy off-topic stuff.   That requires conscious control, and unfortunately the strictures intended to reduce misplaced postings tend to reduce the overall volume.   People want to go where there's activity, so unfortunately even the unwanted stuff has a role in keeping the conversation alive.  That's my personal thought, anyway. 

      On 5/3/07, Brad Hays <bradleyheathhays at gmail.com > wrote: 
        Is there any hope of this place becoming a message board instead of a listserv?


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