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Matthew Shriver Matt at ITSupport.net
Thu May 3 18:03:54 EDT 2007

Hi Preston
I remember when I was strung out my mom used to think she could tell if I
was using or not by my pupils.  Ironically she could, she just always got it
backwards.  When I was using my pupils would constrict a little, but my
tolerance kept them from being completely pinned so they looked small but
not too small.  But when I was in withdrawal they would dialate and get
huge.  So whenever she saw that they were huge, which inevitably meant I was
also dope sick, she would start in on me for being loaded.  Man that was the
worst.  Sorry to hear your bumming man.  I also relate to the feeling like
ibo is not for you.  I have certainly been there a time or two also.  And I
think ibo is ultimately just a tool for the path, it isn't the path itself
and as such, there is time when it is appropriate and a time when it is not.
I encourage you to go to those stupid 12-step meetings.  You don't' have to
believe everything they say either.  I am living proof that you can go on a
regular basis, be an active member of that community, and disagree with some
of their basic tenets.  Again, for me, the 12-step program is a collection
of tools for the path, not the path itself.  There is plenty of value to be
found there, not the least of which is a loving and supportive community, at
least here anyway.  Keep posting here also.  I have always enjoyed what you
had to share in the past.


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V freaked out accussing me of using yesterday when I REALLY Wasn't (doesn't
that always suck, getting busted when I'm NOT misbegaving but so often
getting away with misbehaving while she tells me how proud of how well I'm
doing),. Just goes to show she doesn't always have much of a clue as to
what's going on. She's gone so far as to remove me entirely from her list of
myspce friends. I'm having a lot o  trouble NOT going out to buy a handgun
and giving the fuck up- yet, still I plod on, not entirely willing to give
up even now, even going to 12-step meetings regularly again. Yes, I realize
I've spent a good amount of time nto exactly bad mouthing 12-steppers but
noting time and again that I'm don't necessarily agree with that method- but
now I'm willing to try anything else, and this is my first concrete effort
to do something to skae up my usual outlook and perspective.making contacts
and reaching out to people, refusing to do things the failure of a way(s)
I've so often
 tried in the past.
One thing is for sure, Ibogaine is NOT for me, and hasn't yet helped but
rather each time seems to end up with things being even worse, and my brain
feeling frazzled and fried and unable to concentrate and befuddled.
I'm supposed to move out the first of June, but have nowhere to go and am
unsure how much money I'll have then.
So please, sorry to yet again pop up outta the blue with yet another "god I
feel terrible" message, but I love you all, even those I've not met either
cyberly or in person here on this list. So it does ME good to vent on
occassion, as with those 12-step rooms, most here will be able to relate to
at least some of what I'm going through regardless of the situation as we're
all users and even abusers here, whether current or former.
Peace, love and Lotsof respect.
Your (DrugWar.com) moderater.

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Hey Phillip, howzit going bro? Did you dream the location
of any arrow heads? HeHe I have had some pretty intuitive dreams
myself. So close to what soon happened that it scared me. I guess I
shouldn't ask a serious question and then go off about River Otters
but it just hit me.
       Anyway, my thinking about Trazadone is, with it mimicking the
effects of Ibogaine maybe it would be good for people after treatment
for a while. I spent some time trying to find something besides a
major sedative that would help after a treatment for sleep and pretty
much got nowhere with it. My thinking was that if a person could
actually get some decent sleep in the days after a treatment it would
be much easier to not relapse. I know I almost went back on Bupe
because I couldn't sleep after my treatment. This list saved my ass, I
kid you not. The problem is nobody is going to give seconal or
anything really effective to somebody trying to kick an addiction.
Kind of a Catch 22 type situation.
        There has got to be a reason that Trazadone has these effects
that I'm not aware of. I'm guessing that it's pretty close to a
tryptomine or something but I'm not hip to the pharm enough to make an
educated pronouncement. Maybe some research is in order on my part.
Even if Trazadone doesn't help with sleep it just might be that it
enhances the effects of Nor-ibogaine or something. I wouldn't want to
take it during a treatment, but afterwards.............???????
   I just had a thought, Trazadone might be an SSRI or something that
is not cool to mix with Ibogaine so please don't anybody take this
until it checks out. I guess I have to check on it now.
      Course I don't want to have anybody have a painful erection or
anything (never happens to me) so a person would have to be watching
for that bad side effect, although I don't think it would be HARD to
ignore. (sorry for the pun). Maybe Howard will chime in here or God
forbid that Patrick would come from cyberland with words of wisdom.
        Peace Love and Happiness

On 4/25/07, Phillip Fiuty <phillipfiuty at hotmail.com> wrote:
> does anybody else take Trazadone for sleep? I
> >>> started taking it about 3 months ago and after about a month I started
> >>> getting some real wild side effects.
> ---------------------------------------
> I have taken it for sleep, and yes, I too had the exact same effects. I
> would "power sleep" for about 3 or 4 hours and then be wide awake again. I
> had pretty heavy "trails" and intense dreams as well.
> I also had "hang-overs" that made it difficult to function clearly, but
> worst of all were the painful erections. Not the kind that could be
> by me or anyone else with the usual...ah...activities. Just that 'praying
> something' that it goes away soon kind of pain, like I couldn't even stand
> to have a breeze from the window blow on me.
> So, I've only taken one in the past three years when I was desperate for
> sleep.
> Phillip
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