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Hi All ,thought I'd put my 2 cents in ,Eric has always been good to me & cared about my ongoing recovery ,helped set me up with a therapist I still use 2 years later, he was willing to take risks others shy-ed from,the criminal part makes me laugh as most of us use illegal drugs in the first place & were talking about ibogaine here on this list,but to each their own,love shelley

Capt Kirk <captkirknz at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:  Capt Kirk is not my real name either.....
I haven't met Eric...... but his support via phone was excellent ( I live in NZ) and free.....
What exactly is a clearly criminal type? Just curious.....

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Eric taub is indeed not his real name.
I did have some bad expiriences.
No after care, even when things went wrong.
He was involved in some dark offshore banking busines (with some
clearly criminal types),in which people, also on this list lost
My advise, stay away from him, there are enough reliable providers


> Hi All,
> New to the list. I became interested in ibogaine after
> friends/aquaintances had good experiences taking it
> for addiction and for its psycho-spiritual powers. I'm
> looking into it for a family member and want to know
> more. I keep hearing conflicting things about this guy
> Eric Taub of the I Begin Again clinic. Some say he is
> great and generous while others seem to think he is
> beyond shady and that Taub may not be his real name.
> Can anyone tell me what the deal is with this guy? He
> might be the closest link to ibogaine in my area, but
> I don't want to use him to help someone if he's
> sketchy or only in it for the money.
> Thanks
> tinyseeker
> --- edward conn wrote:
>> Thats exactly what I am saying.
>> Somatic consciousness is awareness of the body and
>> contents, organs etc and
>> their field, so 'jealing hands' utilise the bosied
>> energy circuits or
>> somatic circuits to connect to another body energy
>> circuit and influence or
>> balance, through the glands, or chakras.
>> Your body has been triggered into this by the
>> appropriate drug, a little bit
>> of LSD perhaps...
>> Taking more, or Ketamine or something and your field
>> will expand, more
>> widely, perhaps into the central nervous system, or
>> the underfabric of what
>> connects these organs, you thoughts, the animated
>> inages that course around
>> those neural highways and their interrelated
>> imagery. This is all wired on
>> electrical impulses, so telepathis transference is
>> possible here, or picking
>> up like a radio transmitter something that you
>> would'nt sense normally.
>> Your brain IS the radio reciever and if you can do
>> it also the
>> transmitter....
>> So, its not channelling from elsewhere, but a
>> passive understnading or
>> awareness of this will not recognise that your brain
>> is actually the
>> reciever, your too involved in what you are seeing.
>> The flashes of shifting into the stage of becomming
>> the transmitter, can be
>> quite scary, because it feels like you are 'changing
>> the world' YOU are
>> doing it. Scary, but it is a quantum awareness, the
>> object changes according
>> to the intentions of the viewer.
>> if you belive in things like psi activity, or making
>> things happen in the
>> material world by the directed action of will, you
>> might not have such a
>> leap of imagination to see that,. But its still
>> originates in the brain, but
>> the brain has a quantum relation to the world, it
>> effects it...when utilised
>> in the way it can be, like a tool, if you like.
>> People write about this type of thing also as
>> 'cosmic ordering', This is
>> moving from the state of seeing or recieving
>> 'phenomena' to effecting
>> activity with phenomena. Distance healing or harming
>> could be explained in
>> the same way.
>> Without recognising it, we could often be doing
>> these things without
>> acknowledging that we are...
>> The plants trigger the awareness as neural triggers,
>> but they can only
>> trigger what is already there, they need the
>> hardware, maybe I did'nt
>> explain that bit too well.
>> Put it this way ...without your brain would the
>> plant work?? So what is the
>> vector its working through?? In the case which you
>> describe...the brain,
>> simply not recognising the source as your own does
>> not mean that it is only
>> contained within the plant...it is a dual
>> relationship of mutual benefit.
>> Also, different plants different tunning capacities,
>> different triggers,
>> different energy plains. Dosage, and sensitvity can
>> produce overlap however.
>> Ed.
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>> >
>> >Ed Conn wrote >The brain is not 'channeling from
>> elsewhere' it is
>> >delivering from what it
>> >has access to; somatic, nervous system, genetic and
>> atomic levels. Pre
>> >conscious levels, emotional levels, cognitive
>> states, socialised
>> >templates.<
>> >
>> >Not sure I agree entirely. I sometimes suspect that
>> when taking some of
>> >these plants into myself that my mind is retuned,
>> just like a tv antenna to
>> >receive channels I don't or am unable to normally
>> access or decode. The
>> >plants could very well be acting like my cable box,
>> only a lot more
>> >interesting and helpful.
>> >But this is only a theory of mine (and many others
>> too).
>> >
>> >Peace, love and respect,
>> >Preston Peet
>> >
>> >"Madness is not enlightenment, but the search for
>> enlightenment is often
>> >mistaken for madness"
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>> >
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>> >Etc.
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>> >
>> >>The brain is not 'channeling from elsewhere' it is
>> delivering from what it
>> >>has access to; somatic, nervous system, genetic
>> and atomic levels. Pre
>> >>conscious levels, emotional levels, cognitive
>> states, socialised
>> >>templates.
>> >>
>> >>These substances act as triggers, to levels of
>> energy, energy is such that
>> >>it is not bounded by our bodies perimeters, so
>> these more subtle levels of
>> >>awareness can deliver information from sources
>> which were previously
>> >>unavailable to our normal conscious field
>> >>
>> >>The level of understanding of the brain as an
>> organ of made up parts is
>> >>not developed enough to recognise this as it
>> misses the point of fields,
>> >>and is being studied in this way to locate sectors
>> of it to normal
>> >>everyday experiences, learning, dreaming,
>> dissociative states, spiritual
>> >>states etc.
>> >>
>> >>What 'spiritual' states fails to qualify is the
>> type of 'spiritual' state,
>> >>what was the content of it. Ther eare sub groups
>> of types of spiritual
>> >>states or awareness. These need to be explored to
>> get any sort of feed
>> >>back about what the experience was. Without that
>> feedback the experience
>> >>only remains as an abstract idea....it was
>> spiritual. What exactly is
>> >>spiritual??
>> >>
>> >>When you start to examine this 'spiritual'
>> actually translates as a type
>> >>of 'gestalt' or 'holon' of experience. A way of
>> seeing your self and
>> >>whatever else through a different lense. Only when
>> you have sought to re
>> >>evaluate that experience again and again, compared
>> iot with others can you
>> >>start to differentialte that these were
>> experiences of slightly different
>> >>nature, all in htemselves revealing diffeent
>> aspects of 'self'.
>> >>
>> >>To start to tabulate these and recognise them is
>> therefore a way of
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