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I have the misfortune to inform you that Charles Rossouw appears to be 
exactly the flagbearer of ibogaine in South Africa.   Who else is there?


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> I have noticed doc greg mcarthy has questioned charlses ethics etc. After 
> receiving a threatening phonecall from someone claiming to represent charles, 
> There are a few questions I would like to pose to him and possibly also say in 
> defence. Since being involved in my personal discovery with iboga and 
> helping a few people who I could not refuse help to, I was contacted by Jeanne who 
> worked with charles and said and I quote " Charles is a fly by nighter who 
> started out with good intentions but is totally in it for the money, and has a 
> problem of a sexual nature" Then went on to get into detail. I have also been 
> contacted by the people who were partners with Charles at the time he was 
> staying on their farm. I think I remember correctly, that he was chased off the 
> premises for lewd and drunken behaviour. This is what I personally have been 
> told. I would like a response from Charles and hear what he has to say. My 
> reason for writing this is because ibogaine is more than a substance offering 
> a window period, or as an addiction interrupter, in my opinion. It has really 
> helped me and I have seen amazing changes in people, and in some no change 
> at all. What I do not want is for Charles to be the flagbearer for ibogain in 
> South Africa and for it to become any more difficult to come by. I personally 
> am more interested in treatment saturated patients and long term users. I 
> would never treat some teenager referred by their parents. For those saturated p
> eople I would hate the whole thing to go down in flames. I also like the 
> idea of it being more underground provided the person knows what they are doing 
> and follows protocol. I like the idea freedom root has. To Charles, we all 
> have problems and make mistakes and I am not trying to condemn you in any way, 
> I would just like to hear if you have a response. I believe that you have 
> also done some good in peoples lives, that I have also heard. I just think that 
> it does not really matter what you charge, or what facilities you have 
> provided the person being treated is informed and comfortable. You dont have to be 
> a doctor, if you have been through the experience and have done your 
> homework. One addict is probably best qualified in treating another. I just think it 
> all works for the good if we share information and in the process save some 
> lives. 

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