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Thank you for your reply.  Therapy for me is essential.  Ok let me restart,
therapy with a therapist, whether she be new age or just a little open
minded, is essential.  A few AA or NA meetings will also most likely be
essential.  Talking to my personal confidants will definitely be
essential.   Every other major life event I've had I've pretty much needed
some sort of therapy.   Right now I know that holistically, I'm trying to
put all of it (life) together.  I need a person that does not discount any
thing I may be feeling or experiencing.  I feel and experience things that
are pretty weird by most conventional standards.  We all here on the list
do, I think, or we wouldn't be here. Ibo is non conventional at this point.
I'm grateful, thankful, and appreciative to those on the list that are drawn
to getting the word out, and working on that aspect of treatment.  There is
something for going to a therapist, and saying off the wall things, and
knowing, FEELING, that she is non judgemental.  So basically, I've always
been a proponent of therapy, for anyone.  Of course, everyone does not feel
the same as me ( and you as it seems).

Yeah I've spent many of a therapy session telling the therapist exactly what
I need, she agrees, I pay her then I leave thinking.....ok....Could have
done that myself.   I'm not looking for that at this moment.  One thing I do
know is that when the time and person is available, I will know.  Again,
thank you.

On 1/7/07, Nick Sandberg <nick227 at tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
>  Hi Melanie,
> This thing with suitable therapy for post-ibogaine has been going on for
> as long as ibogaine has been around. There are a lot of different opinions.
> Some treatment providers try and do the therapy or follow-up bit themselves,
> some direct you in a certain direction, and some don't bother with it. I
> think for me what's clear is that -
>              - It's good to do something after ibogaine to help process
> the experience and stay clean;
>              - and it's OK if the therapist, or rehab centre, has no
> knowledge of ibogaine. People who are in even anti-ibogaine rehab, like NA,
> can still do great.
> What I like about ibogaine is that it's very "clear" psychologically. What
> you see is pretty much what's there, and the experiences don't usually need
> framing as "ibogaine experiences." Of course, the onset of the drug rush
> into the body can create anxiety, and this means that for some the real
> meaning of the experience is a bit veiled from the observer. They see more a
> Punch and Judy show rather than their parents fighting.
> I think what's also clear is that reversing a pattern of years of
> drug-using is no little task for most people, and you need all the help you
> can get.
> Nick
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> Interesting this one.  I was just thinking myself that I wanted to look
> for a therapist for before my treatment.  I'm kinda of a pain in the ass
> when it comes to therapists, i usually don't like most of them.  I wanted to
> especially find one that is at least familiar with ibo treatments.  I'm in
> az too.  now if this has been answered off list i would really appreciate
> being included as well.  Starting to find a therapist thats familiar with
> the ibo process would just be a big task to start from no where.
> Thanks
> Mel
> On 1/5/07, uujjmm at safe-mail.net <uujjmm at safe-mail.net> wrote:
> >
> > Greetings,
> >              We are,at present, a low profile Ibogaine treatment
> > facility.
> > We're working with a client who [ post-treatment] would
> > like to hook up with a therapist in the Phoenix,Az area.
> >
> > Any strong or direct experience recommendations would be appreciated.
> > Thanks,
> > Be well,
> > Zoogs
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