[Ibogaine] Attention Patrick, or anyone Tapering with HCL

Steve Coss coss at blodgettsupply.com
Wed Dec 26 18:20:07 EST 2007

I can say from having tried several times with using 25 to 50 mg HCL as
a maintenance dose for heavy narcotic use (500 +]mgs a day of OXY
equivalent I had no relief until I had built up a gram or so in my
system and then  I was able to taper way down on the morphine w/o
suffering to much withdrawal. What did work much better for me was to do
a 500mg dose of HCL at once and then 50 mg every other day. I have some
pretty severe nerve damage and am prescribed copious quantities of
narcotics as I build a tolerance rather quickly. By tanking up with the
500mg (oh and BTW there was no tripping involved. It felt like you feel
the day after you do trip on some good acid (if there is such a thing
anymore) ( I ran out of Leary's stuff many years ago) I was able to
reduce my opiate intake by 2/3rds. I hurt like hell but I was able to
find a compromise and it would last for about two months and then I
would do it all over again.

Sorry for the lousy explanation I would be happy to converse one on one
if someone would like a more detailed explanation. I have not tried
anything other than the HCL but would like to the next time around. I
think I got the last gram that  Ethnogarden had of the HCL 2 weeks ago
but they probably have re-supplied again by now?

Good luck


There is a paper that I think was done by Howard L on the different ways
to low dose with the stuff. It has been posted here several times. I
probably have it somewhere if anyone needs it



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Like I said before; I have found iboga a bit more beneficial in low dose
regimen compared to the hcl but I will report back on this; I am just
racing through my last emails before I leave to Gabon; I will be back
on-line in Feb. All of the best to all of ya all :)

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What is the protocol low-dose ibogaine taper for crystal meth  


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