[Ibogaine] "in it for the money"

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OK maybe I should have this ready for every time some asks a question like this or the usual 'why is it so expensive?" I hate that one! What is expensive? It does not mean anything. So here we go.
To make 2 kilos of iboga root bark you need to access the plant first you just can go a-wondering and get it because it usually belongs to some one; but never mind that lets just say for the sake of argument you could. You will need five fifty kilo bags of iboga root that BTW grow v-e-r-y  s-l-o-w-l-y and have to be at least around 10 years mature to harvest. Then you will need to either do this your self or employ 2 people to wash and debark the root which will take about 2 weeks at the pace they are used to; they have to be paid BTW and don't forget the cost of the root to start.
Then you have to dry it and if you are doing things legally have to pay for the needed papers for export. OK now we have to take the bark to the lab and there are all the costs which there is no point getting into; and you cant cut corners here. With the recent information I have it takes a half ton of root-bark to make one kilo of ibogaine of a good quality.
All of this and besides the fact that iboga does not grow well outside of its place of origin. There are also statutory laws surrounding its export which reminds me of another cost; transport. So there you have the short version. Let me know if I made any incorrect calculations here but I am pretty sure I have them pat.
Think of all the therapy and rehabs you could save on; and in terms of the experience; you cant put a price on that. I tell all the people who I treat that they are privileged to be able to have this experience and they should consider them selves very fortunate indeed that they have the opportunity.


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hello list...
it is time for me to take the plunge.  i simply cant afford a  
'retail' ibo clinic,  but my body cant afford to keep cycling on & off   
all these other substances
forever,  so im wondering:
what does the raw material (ibogaine) cost?  if i were to buy it  
legitimately? if i was closer to the source?
let me paraphrase:  in the case of Most mind altering substances,  
(both illegal and "pharmaceutical")  the "end user" price is hundreds  
of times the price of production.  Im quite curious about the path  
ibogaine takes from birth to consumption.
Would it be worth my while to travel to the Congo and seek out the  
REAL experience?

hope everyone is swell, and i send my love

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